Dead Space Remake Details to Arrive Mid-October

Sources have said that the Dead Space Remake will be getting official details in “mid-October” (a more accurate date to be revealed at a later time).

It’s understood that the press had the opportunity to play the game yesterday and got hands-on with the title for several hours. Multiple chapters of the game were played and recorded, including the opportunity given to the press to interview the developers of the game.

Some of this footage will be made public once the embargo lifts in mid-October, alongside impressions and interviews of the Dead Space Remake.

Initial secondhand accounts suggest that the game is in a “very good place” and that the game is a “remake done right”. Of course, we’d suggest that it’s best to wait for full impressions to release in mid-October to get a bigger pool of opinions.

Some changes from the original have been made but were said to be “respectful” to the developer’s original vision of the game. It was said that Motive have apparently captured the atmosphere of Dead Space perfectly, elevating the title with modern-day graphics and sounds.

The Dead Space Remake will release on January 27, 2023, on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

UPDATE – The Dead Space Gameplay reveal has been found to be October 4th via Twitter use @ResiEvilCentral

We’ve also got confirmation that the Dead Space Remake media embargo will lift on October 14th.

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