PlayStation Reveals PS Plus February Games, Spider-Man 2 Trial


In a new post on Twitter, PlayStation officially announced that the PS Plus games for February are Foamstars, Rollerdrome, and Steelrising.

These titles will be available for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting on February 6th, until the following month on March 4th.

PlayStation also surprised fans by announcing a game trial for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It will be available February 6th, but only for PlayStation Plus Premium and Deluxe members.

Fans will get to try out 2 hours of gameplay in the time-limited trial, and carry over any trophies or saves with a full purchase.

Foamstars was first revealed in May 2023, and fans quickly compared it to Nintendo’s colorful shooter Splatoon.

However, Square Enix has noted unique gameplay features. Players can “build up foam fortresses”, and “even use foam to defend from enemy attacks”. Foamstars will join PS Plus at launch, and day one releases are always valuable.

Rollerdrome is also a shooter, from developer Roll7. It instantly became an indie darling in 2022. Fans have praised its seamless blend of sports and action, as well as the unique art design.

Nacon’s moody, action RPG Steelrising also adds to February’s smaller-scale lineup. However, PlayStation’s Spider-Man 2 trial is certain to appease fans.

The game sold 5 million copies in just ten days, and the themed PlayStation console generated massive buzz. Earlier this month, leaks hinted at a potential Beetle DLC on the way.

Alongside the PS Plus games for February, the Spider-Man 2 trial is sure to build more hype ahead of PlayStation’s next State of Play.

The showcase premieres today at 2 PM pacific time. It will run 40 minutes, and feature over 15 different titles.

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