PlayStation Announces State Of Play For January 31st

In a new tweet today, PlayStation officially announced that the new State of Play will premiere this Wednesday, January 31st at 2 PM pacific time.

Fans will be able to catch the showcase on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.

The event will last “40 minutes covering 15+ games, including extended looks at Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin”.

PlayStation did not officially confirm some of the other titles rumored to appear. The entire State of Play contents appeared to leak earlier this week.

However, today’s announcement does confirm the State of Play will feature Rise of the Ronin. This adds some validity to the previous reports.

Also, PlayStation confirmed the runtime today. 40 minutes should provide ample time for a brief glimpse at each of the games in the rumored leaks.

Dealabs has recently claimed that a number of other unannounced titles could appear. A new Dealabs report earlier today hinted that Concord might finally reveal some gameplay.

Concord is a multiplayer first-person shooter from Firewalk Studios. It was first announced last year with a cinematic trailer that did not show any characters or gameplay.

Dealabs has also claimed that a new Death Stranding 2 announcement is coming soon. A State of Play announcement could involve a full title reveal, release window, and PC support. Reportedly, the full title could add the phrase ‘On the Beach’.

PlayStation has not confirmed if Until Dawn will make an appearance at the new State of Play, either. But it would be an ideal opportunity to announce a new version.

This could include either a remake or a remaster. After all, Until Dawn is now going to be turned into a live-action feature film from Screen Gems and PlayStation Productions.

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  1. Unannounced titles? Hoping it’s a new Sonic game or remake of Adventure not a remaster, Kingdom Hearts 4 would be hype, Jump Cross Burst/Jump Stars Ultimax would be perfect to reveal now, some more GTA 6 footage, Splinter Cell remake finally? Silent Hill 2 remake is cool but a new Castlevania it’s time to finally show it, Virtua Fighter 6? Venom for sure.

  2. Show Bluepoint’s new game, Bend’s new game, Manchester’s new game, Twisted Metal, Ghost of Tsushima 2, Venom, SOCOM, don’t know what else

  3. Dragon Ball Sparking Zero showed footage already so it would be cool if Jump Cross Burst finally shows up

  4. Please be the return of Def Jam!! Sony and EA partnering to make it happen with Travis Scott

  5. This doesn’t seem exciting
    Silent Hill 2
    Death Stranding 2
    Sonic remaster
    Stellar Blade
    Rise Of The Ronin
    Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
    Metro VR

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