Nintendo Will Build 10 Million ‘Switch 2’ Units For First Wave

switch 2

It was recently claimed in a report published by Bloomberg – citing Omdia data – that the Switch 2 console will be released later in 2024 with an 8-inch LCD screen and not an OLED display. This caused ripples in the gaming community as many Nintendo fans cried out against the ‘step back’ in technology.

Now, more information has surfaced from the same source suggesting that Nintendo has plans to manufacture a whopping 10 million Switch 2 units in the financial year starting in April 2024. This would hopefully avoid the initial rush of consumers looking to snag a Nintendo Switch 2 device in stores worldwide, circumventing the stock issues that tend to plague new console releases.

An Ambitious Number

Nintendo is primed for a monumental launch period, according to sources close to the manufacturing centres across Asia. It was recently suggested that the Nintendo Switch 2 (if that’s even what it’ll be called) will retail for around $400 when it’s released later in 2024. Some analysts have claimed that the ‘step down’ in technology is part of an effort to keep the cost lower for the first wave.

In typical hardware tradition, it’s likely an OLED version of the Switch 2 will be released at a later date.

There are high hopes that this massive first wave will be able to satiate the appetites of gamers the world over, with 10 million units being manufactured before the Switch 2 hits the shelves of stores and online retailers everywhere. It’s not yet known what the Switch 2 will look like, the hardware inside it hasn’t been confirmed, and there are no early impressions of the games that’ll launch on the device, but fans are still understandably excited.

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  1. Yup and Scalpers will find a way to horde 95% of that stock. It really doesn’t matter how many consoles a company decides to ship with. The problem of getting one at launch will always be a issue until companies like Walmart, Target, Gamestop, Amazon etc decide to have a better security system in place to block bots from buying up all the stock. When the PS5 released scalpers and their bots had them gone before pre orders were up and available to normal consumers. So unless Nintendo can figure out a solution to this issue I will remain skeptic that i’ll get a Switch 2 at launch.

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