It’s 2024 and a New NES Game is Being Developed

nes flap happy

The NES is responsible for some of the fondest memories that older gamers still hold dear today. First released in 1983, the Nintendo Entertainment System would be discontinued in 1995 after selling some 61 million units. Now, almost thirty years after the console was removed from the market, one developer is creating a brand-new game for the console – and it’s being made for the Game Boy, too.

The Power of Nostalgia

It’s not as uncommon as you might think. Last year, we wrote about a solo developer creating new games for the Game Boy – and he’s still going today.

Recently, Mega Cat Studios took to social media to reveal how close it is to succeeding in its Kickstarter campaign to fund Flap Happy, which is being marketed as ‘the world’s first 8-bit avian roguelike platformer’. Featuring hazards, item collection, platform, navigation, and a series of enemies to avoid, Flap Happy contains more than 900 levels and ‘multiple bird characters’.

In the blurb for Flap Happy’s story, it was written:

There you were, little Flappy, living your best chicken life – when out of nowhere, you lost consciousness and awakened in a dungeon filled with fireballs, spikes, and all kinds of other dangerous horrors!

There’s a demo that can be downloaded now to play on PC, but Mega Cat Studios wholeheartedly intends for Flap Happy to be played in cartridge form on the NES.

Are you a retro gamer with a penchant for bird-based platformers? This could be perfect for you.

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