This Developer Refuses To Let the Game Boy Be Forgotten

batty zabella

The Game Boy was first released in 1989 in Japan, and it would ultimately go on to become one of the most legendary handheld gaming devices of all time. By 2003, its lifecycle was at an end, and the Game Boy Advance SP that was released in the same year would come to be replaced by the first Nintendo DS just one year later.

It may have been twenty years since the sun set on the Game Boy, but one developer is intent on keeping the retro device alive for another generation of gamers. It was recently revealed that Dallas-based developer, The Retro Room Games, has released an all-new physical game for the Game Boy, named Batty Zabella.

We Can Bring It Back

There’s an intense passion for retro technology in the wider gaming community, with many millions of players seeking to claw back some sense of what they enjoyed when they were young. Even today, there are countless consoles and computers from the eighties, nineties, and even the noughties (yes, that’s the word) sitting under CRT televisions and old-generation flat screens all around the world.

That’s why The Retro Room Games is creating all-new experiences for the players still clinging to their decades-old devices – and it’s a beautiful thing.

With Batty Zabella, the most recent construction resulting from the combined forces of The Retro Room Games and Ice.Cold.Blood, players can enjoy a ‘comedy-horror point-and-click adventure’ that features mysteries, puzzles, and a brand-new horror icon, Batty Zabella herself.

It’s a complete trip down memory lane for the most nostalgic players out there, with The Retro Room Games having assembled the game cartridge, a manual, and a genuine Game Boy case for the product. It’s as though you’ll have gone back in time by 30 years to purchase this game brand-new.

What’s more remarkable is the fact that this isn’t the first physical game that the firm has produced for Game Boy. Since 2019, the company has produced several games, all of which have allowed the creators to pick up quite a cult following in social media circles.

As a fan of retro games, I’m genuinely impressed.

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