Burnout Revival Possibly Coming From Stellar Entertainment

Burnout Paradise Remastered City

According to a recent tweet from Stellar Entertainment, the developer could be working on a new title in the Burnout series.

The post uses teasing language that Burnout fans might find familiar. This includes an image with the phrase “you’re about to be rear ended”.

That may only hint at a broad racing title, but the post also mentions “take downs”, possibly alluding to Burnout 3: Take Down.

If Stellar Entertainment is specifically drawing attention to Burnout 3: Take Down, the series revival may involve a remaster or remake.

Stellar Entertainment previously developed Need For Speed: Remastered.

The studio also developed the most recent title in the Burnout series, Burnout Paradise Remastered.

This installment launched in 2018 to mixed reviews, largely due to technical and EA issues. But it does imply that Stellar Entertainment could simply continue working on the series.

It’s been a few years since the latest Burnout game, so fans would appreciate an entirely new title.

As first spotted by Eurogamer, the Stellar Entertainment website mentions a “AAA arcade racing title”. It would be built in Unreal 5 for Gen 5 consoles and PC, “disrupting the racing scene”.

References to an “arcade” style and innovative gameplay would definitely line up with another Burnout game.

And if the game actually intends to disrupt anything, it likely would not be another remaster. There are already plenty of remasters, some of which mainly rely on nostalgia.

Ideally, Stellar Entertainment will take the time they need for a smooth launch with their next title.

Some speculate that PlayStation’s upcoming State of Play would be a good opportunity for Stellar Entertainment to announce something brief. The event begins later today, and PlayStation hasn’t confirmed the full lineup.

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