Rainbow Six Players Are Finally Selling Skins in New Marketplace

rainbow six skins

It was a few months ago that Ubisoft touted the arrival of a peer-to-peer marketplace in Rainbow Six Siege, the firm’s flagship first-person competitive shooter title. Recently, that marketplace entered a beta phase, and almost overnight, a select few users flocked to the function to start trading their in-game skins – and some players are paying hundreds of dollars for the rarest items.

The Must-Haves

Counter-Strike boasts a multi-billion-dollar ‘skins market’ that has been developing for more than ten years. It has seen some one-of-a-kind weapon and knife skins trade hands for hundreds of thousands of dollars, with some collectors investing in these digital cosmetics in the same way someone would buy a piece of art or stocks and shares.

Now, Rainbow Six Siege is getting in on that action, enabling players to find a little value in the skins they might have been sitting on for quite some time. It’s a fantastic leap forward for Six Siege gamers, many of whom have been invested in the game since it was released way back in 2015. For the longest time, Ubisoft has been supporting Rainbow Six Siege, pouring resources into it and ensuring it remains well supported for the audience of millions that still enjoys it today.

It has been revealed that the users taking part in the marketplace beta have been snapping up rare skins for more than $100. Reportedly, the ‘Glacier’ skin set is leading the charge – which makes sense as it’s one of the rarest and most sought-after sets in Rainbow Six Siege history.

Could Rainbow Six Siege’s marketplace ever get close to the value of Counter-Strike’s market?

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