New Battlefield Game May Not Launch Until at Least 2025

EA Ridgeline Battlefield

EA recently held its Q3 2024 earnings report conference call, which shed light on the company’s plans going forward and gave insight into how its IPs are currently performing. One of the most highly anticipated releases by EA is a new Battlefield game.

Many fans are hoping for either a remake of a classic title such as Battlefield 3, or a new game with less of a focus on being live service, as EA’s current attempt was met with overwhelming at launch. However, the company has clawed things back and now Battlefield 2042 has seen record engagement in recent months.

During the earnings call, Stuart Canfield, the EVP and Chief Financial Officer of EA shared some news regarding EA’s plans for its non-sports titles over the coming years, and it looks like we could be waiting a long time for a new Battlefield game to emerge.

Stuart Canfield noted that EA is looking for “iconic new releases” in FY25 and beyond, which includes franchises such as Battlefield, Mass Effect, and Star Wars.

A new teaser for an upcoming Mass Effect game was revealed in November 2023 and it looks like the game may not release until as late as 2029, and the upcoming Star Wars games, including the third Jedi Survivor game and Respawn Entertainment’s new FPS game, also look to be years away.

But, Battlefield fans may be able to jump into a new game much sooner, although don’t expect it this year. EA is currently fully invested in Battlefield 2042, which is heading into Season 7 in March 2024. Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA said in the earnings call that,

“Our team is working hard to deliver for the community with increasingly engaging live services like the recent announcement of Battlefield 2042 season 7, with new maps, weekly missions and much more”

Although EA is heavily focused on Battlefield 2042 right now, it looks like a new Battlefield game could be in the works, as Andrew Wilson stated that multiple studios are working towards building an expansive universe for its fans, saying,

“We’re making investments in the future of the Battlefield franchise. Our exceptional teams from multiple world-class studios working with cutting-edge frostbite technology are building an expansive, community focused Battlefield universe for fans”

With Battlefield games typically launching in the Autumn, we may not see another Battlefield game until Autumn 2025 or even 2026. In addition to the titles mentioned above, EA does have plenty of new games in the works, including Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, Skate, two currently untitled Marvel games with one being focused on Black Panther, a new Sims game, and the return of EA College Football for the first time since 2013.

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  1. battlefield Hello ea and creators of battlefield, I think of btf 2142 and it was a good game, I think that if they create it with better present and future graphics they will have a good success

  2. I watch alot of video game streamers and the one’s that play the BR games like Fortnite, PUBG, Apex, and Warzone don’t and won’t play Halo Infinite or BF 2042. I think the majority of gamers wanted the latter 2 to be BR and I simply don’t believe they’re successful. I hope they focus on the wants of today and not the wants of last decade on their next releases.

    1. I understand yet I assure you most Fortnite, PUBG, Apex, and Warzone gamers are not top ter IMO – all the cartoon aspects of those shooters are the one reason BF is in it league of its own. I know I am old and at 46 I don’t speak for the younger crowd yet even at my age and style in BR or ANY match even comp I am top 5 every time – BF games were and should always be for a higher-skilled level of mental player and not some spamming, sliding, hoping hip firing batch of newbs. Again – IMO

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