New Mass Effect Teasers Are Being Dropped Right Now

new mass effect

Happy N7 Day, Mass Effect fans! To celebrate this momentous occasion, BioWare is releasing a series of teasers for the next instalment of Mass Effect. It’s a relatively cryptic affair, as the teasers themselves are being rolled out in the form of snapshot video clips and enigmas. The first one appeared just a few minutes ago on EA’s Mass Effect website, revealing a 6-second clip followed by a mysterious code fragment.

Is Mass Effect 4 Being Revealed?

In December 2020, BioWare dropped a new trailer that offered up a glimpse at the next generation of Mass Effect – then promptly went quiet on the topic, more or less.

It’s N7 Day today, and BioWare seems intent on revealing something about the impending title. First, there was a snippet of a clip showing someone walking along a sunlit corridor, followed by a somewhat cryptic code:

Following that, savvy Mass Effect fans dug up another reference to an all-new code: OCULON-2819-DEFIANCE. It was paired with a countdown that’s set to run out at 19:00 GMT today. In the world of Mass Effect, Oculon was an early, in-development name for the Citadel, one of the most important structures in the original trilogy. Furthermore, 2819 is when Mass Effect: Andromeda is sent.


The timer ticked over to reveal another short teaser that shows a female figure wearing an N7 outfit of some kind, and fans are adamant it’s ‘FemShep’, the female protagonist from the original trilogy.

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