Lords of the Fallen ‘Weekly Free Content Plan’ Revealed

lords of the fallen trklek

Lords of the Fallen, the Souls-like epic that was released on October 13th, has picked up a massive (and free) weekly content plan that’ll run up until the end of 2023. It’s a sizeable roadmap that features everything from fixing to new spells and quests, and it’s nothing but encouraging for the fans of this split-world, morbid title.

Lords of the Fallen’s Content Plan in Full

It’s a beast of a roadmap, and the items on it will be released intermittently up until the end of the year:


Following the deployment (and wrap up) of the Lords of the Fallen Halloween Event, there’s plenty more content planned for release in the next few weeks. There are ‘weekly enhancements’ targeting areas like performance, balancing, and difficulty, but it’s the content that’s in development that has fans excited.

For instance, there are new quests, armour challenges, and boss weapon abilities coming to the game. Fans will also be able to take advantage of new spell packs, and most importantly, New Game+ and other modifiers, which will enable players to better tweak the game to suit their play style.

Are you still playing Lords of the Fallen?

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