Star Citizen Is Going Free To Play For November

star citizen

It happened last November, and it’s happening again this November. For a limited period – two weeks – one of the most ambitious space exploration games is going free-to-play. Star Citizen, which is vying for the title of the most expensive game in history to develop, will be welcoming all comers on PC from the 17th to the 30th of November.

Free Star Citizen!

For those who haven’t heard of Star Citizen, it’s one of the most bizarre projects to ever emerge in the gaming space. It was first announced back in 2012 and has essentially been in development ever since, being funded mostly by crowdfunding efforts that have seen the developers claw in a whopping $600 million over a decade.

It’s a hugely ambitious game, and for the most die-hard fans, it’s a way of life. In Star Citizen, people can live a second life, propelling themselves through the vast expanses of space, setting up a full-fledged persona, and customising and upgrading ships that can boast staggering real-world values.

This month, the ‘Intergalactic Aerospace Expo’ will take place – an expo that players use to showcase their ships, and fictional companies advertise their products, including a whopping host of some 1,000 different ships – all pilotable.

Ultimately, it’s a two-week window in which you can experience Star Citizen for free, but investing in the game will cost you a fair whack in the long run. It’ll cost you around $45 to get started, but that’s just the beginning…

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  1. Well it’s around 125 ships, not 1000, but they are magnificently detailed inside and out. Also, that $600 million is for two games, the other being Squadron 42 (single player). Nonetheless, the two are related, but it seems SQ42 will in fact be released well before SC (IIRC, that was always the plan).

    Very fun and it’s important to remember that $45 gives you access to the whole game… aside from a few custom items (that offer no advantages), anything you can buy you can earn in-game.

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