Battlefield 2042 Will Have Two Maps Instead of One

DICE has announced that Battlefield 2042 Season 7 will include two new maps instead of the traditional one.

In addition to the news that two maps will be coming to the game, it’s been announced that two new major updates will also be on their way. On January 30, update 3.3 will include Quality of Life Improvements, which will include a ‘Portal Sqaud Spectator Modifier’ and ‘Improved Map Rotations’.

Update 6.4 is scheduled to come to the game on February 20, which will include a ‘Persistent Servers Update’, ‘Aircraft Impact Improvements’, and ‘Vehicle Gunner Direction HUD’.

One of the new maps, which is featured in the promotional material released by Battlefield shows a map that will be based in Chile.

At first glance, the news of two new maps coming to Battlefield 2042 seems appetizing, however, Season 7’s delay pushes its release close to what should be Season 8, meaning that players would have been able to play two new maps anyway.

Season 7’s delay means that players have not had any new content in terms of maps for five months.

The DICE team is currently working on its next installment for the Battlefield franchise, which Insider Gaming understands has moved past the pre-production and conceptual stages.

In October 2023, Battlefield 2042 hit its highest player count peak ever on Steam, accumulating over 100,000 concurrent players.

What do you think of Battlefield 2042 Season 7 and the updates coming prior? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Honestly battlefield 2042 is still shit. The maps are shit. They’re too small as well. The class system is shit. Really the game needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

  2. I remember this one time, I bought an FPS and it just had all the maps at launch and that’s what we played.

  3. 2042 synch is terrible. 2 shot kills from Avancy consistently or from around corners. Consoles out of synch with PC makes it a struggle. Nice when you can get a round with PC players who aren’t using dmr damage on their LMG or hitting you 1.5 seconds after you are behind cover.

    Its really a testament on lack of good choices than the actual game.

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