5 Best Games Like Battlefield

For over two decades, Battlefield has been a franchise that has held a strong fan base while also bringing in new fans with every release. From Battlefield 1 to Battlefield 2042, many have been obsessed with the FPS series. But which games are similar to Battlefield?

Here are some of the best games similar to the Battlefield franchise.

Games That Are Similar to Battlefield

FPS games have dominated the gaming scene for years now. Some of the biggest esports tournaments out there are on FPS titles. Battlefield, which had its first game released in 2002, has been a defining factor for the FPS community.

Here are the five best games like Battlefield.

5. Titanfall 2

While Titanfall 2 may be set in the future, it still has a heavy resemblance to Battlefield. Luckily, Battlefield does have a few titles, such as 2042 and 2142 which are also set in the future. When thinking of Titanfall 2, picture Black Ops III gameplay mixed with giant robots running around.

Titanfall 2 might not be the perfect match for the Battlefield series, but it is still close enough to where most Battlefield fans will find enjoyment in playing it.

4. Halo Infinite

Another title that is set in the future, but still draws quite a few similarities to Battlefield, is Halo Infinite. Being the most recent title in the Halo franchise, Infinite is a great alternative for Battlefield gamers. With modes like Team Deathmatch and more, both games have a very similar Multiplayer mode.

Halo Infinite is a great game to play if you are a Battlefield fanatic.

3. Rainbow Six Siege

While Rainbow Six Siege may be a little slower pace than Battlefield, it still draws quite a few similarities. The Multiplayer mode in both games draws from a more realistic style of gameplay, which is what makes both games intensely unique.

Rainbow Six Siege is the perfect Multiplayer game to indulge in if you are a fan of the Battlefield franchise.

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2. Counter-Strike 2

While the mechanics may be a bit different, both Battlefield and Counter-Strike 2 draw quite a few similarities with each other. Both are FPS-style games and feature various different Multiplayer modes. While Counter-Strike 2 may be more comparable to Rainbow Six Siege, it does have more fast-paced action, like Battlefield.

Counter-Strike 2, being just recently released, is the perfect alternative for Battlefield gamers looking to play something new.

1. Call of Duty

It goes without saying that Call of Duty is number one on our list of games like Battlefield. Both franchises have a plethora of similarities, drawing from their unique Campaigns all the way to their large-scale Multiplayer modes. What both games have in common is their popular Team Deathmatch game mode, which allows players to get a handful of action in a quick amount of time.

Call of Duty is the best game for Battlefield fanatics to play, hands down.