Sony Says It Won’t Give Activision PlayStation 6 Information if Microsoft Acquires Them

Sony has said that the company will not provide Activision with PlayStation 6 information if Microsoft acquires the publisher.

The information comes via a FTC vs MS/ABK deposition, with PlayStation chief Jim Ryan making the said comments on the matter. Posted to Twitter via @stephentotilo, Ryan said, “We simply could not run the risk of a company that was owned by a direct competitor having access to that [PS6] information”.

Ryan continues to explain that he believes Activision’s primary incentive post-acquisition would be to optimize its overall Xbox business and not the business of Activision. The overall deposition is essentially Ryan saying that Activision would not be fully utilizaing all of the PlayStation 6 features if the company was acquired. In addition, Sony would not provide details on features and development kits of the PlayStation 6 to Activision because of the highly sensitive nature of the console.

All the information comes following the FTC’s recommendation of blocking the Microsoft/Activision acquisition. Both Microsft and Activision have said that they plan on appealing the ruling.

Insider Gaming understands that the PlayStation 6 is not scheduled to release until at least 2028, with the company having a PlayStation 5 Pro in development, which could release as early as the holiday of 2024.

What do you think of Jim Ryan’s comments on Activision and the PlayStation 6? Let us know down below.

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  1. The truth finally comes out! That was the stickler all along. They won’t share with the devs, so then their version of the game will be delayed, crappy, or buggy due to their own secretive nature – not because of Microsoft trying to hinder them anti-competitively.

    1. Makes sense to me that a company(Sony) doesn’t want dev kits in the hands of a competitor(Microsoft).

    2. Lol. Why would a company give a developer kit to a rival company. MS already admitted to losing this generation’s console war. Would you give US submarine schematics to China? F no.

      Trade secrets are the life blood of a company. Sony’s not wrong for wanting to protect it. Have they been little bitches about the whole thing? Absolutely. But this is the one thing that is acceptable. Can’t trust Activision if they’re part of the competition now.

  2. Competitors can do business they just have to sell the information as a lot of companies do but of course Sony is like China they would make it all about that being a thing

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