Barbie is Coming to Forza Horizon 5

A new error within the Forza Horizon 5 menus has revealed that Barbie will soon be coming to the game as a collaboration.

First spotted by Twitter user @DonJoewonSong, two cars were recently added to the Forza Horizon 5 car menus, but yet cannot be obtained. The two cars are named the ‘Barbie Movie Corvette’ and the ‘Barbie Film Hummer’.

Details on when the Barbie collaboration will release in Forza Horizon 5 are yet to be officially confirmed, but the introduction of the cars into the menus suggests it will be soon.

“Barbie” will be released on July 21 in theaters – So an announcement and introduction between now and then is likely.

The next Forza game, Forza Motorsport is scheduled to release on the Xbox Series X|S and PC on October 10. You can see official career mode details on the game here. One new feature is the Builders Cup career mode, which features a number of tours such as the Modern Tour, Enthusiast Tour, Power Tour, and Legacy Tour. Players will improve their ability behind the wheel through open practices and a car mastery system.

The first look also gives players a look at car upgrades and the new “car building” system. “Cars in the new Forza Motorsport are built, not bought,” Esaki says in the video.

Are you looking forward to the Barbie and Forza Horizon 5 collab?

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  1. Well, tbh.. I’m not interested in this shitty Collab, but really I’m embarrassed. Like, bro u could have a GREAT Collab with Transformers, Ninja Turtles or maybe some others.. but this?!!! Omfg ima Outta here.

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