Here’s A First Look At The Forza Motorsport Career Mode

First Look At The Forza Motorsport Career Mode

Xbox and Turn 10 Studios have given players a first look at the career mode in Forza Motorsport.

Shown during the Xbox Extended Showcase event on Tuesday, creative director Chris Esaki walked viewers through various options and features of the mode.

The Builders Cup career mode features a number of tours such as the Modern Tour, Enthusiast Tour, Power Tour, and Legacy Tour. Players will improve their ability behind the wheel through open practices and a car mastery system.

The first look also gives players a look at car upgrades and the new “car building” system.

“Cars in the new Forza Motorsport are built, not bought,” Esaki says in the video.

While the above video only goes into the game’s career mode with a look at gameplay, Turn 10 will be bringing deeper dives into other areas of the game, such as multiplayer, in the lead-up to release. Forza Motorsport launches on Xbox Series X|S and PC on October 10. For those without either platform, the game will be playable on Xbox One via a cloud version.

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