Titanfall 3 Was in Development For 10 Months Before Being Canceled, ex-Developer Claims

Mohammad Alavi, an ex-developer at Respawn Entertainment has claimed that Titanfall 3 was in development for ten months before being canceled.

The news came via an interview with THE BURNETTWORK when discussing canceled projects.

On the subject of Titanfall 3, Alazi said, “You want to hear a crazy cut story? Titanfall 3… Titanfall 2, y’know, came out, did what it did, and we were like, “Okay, we’re gonna make Titanfall 3,” and we worked on Titanfall 3 for… ten months, right? In earnest, right? I mean, we had, like, new tech for it, we had multiple missions going, we had a first playable, which was like, on par to be just as good if not better than whatever we had before, right? But I’ll make this clear—incrementally better, it wasn’t revolutionary. And that’s the kicker, right? And we were, like, feeling pretty decent about it, but not the same feeling as Titanfall 2 where we were making something revolutionary, y’know what I mean? And then the multiplayer team was having a hell of a time trying to fix the multiplayer because a lot of people love the multiplayer.”

He continued, “People love Titanfall 2 multiplayer. But people who love Titanfall 2 multiplayer is a very small number of people. And most people play Titanfall 2 multiplayer and think it’s really good, but it’s just too much. It’s cranked up to 11, and they burn out a bit fast. And they’re like, “That was a great multiplayer, that’s not something I continually play for, like, a year, two years,” right? So we were like, trying to fix that, we were trying to fix that from Titanfall 1 to 2, trying to fix it from Titanfall 2 to 3, the multiplayer team was like, just dying. And then PUBG came out. *laughs* And I don’t know if you remember Alex Roycewicz but Alex Roycewicz was starting to play PUBG. And then Geoff started playing PUBG. And then they made a battle royale map with, y’know, Titanfall 3 classes.” (via MP1st)

Alavi went on to talk about why ultimately Titanfall 3 was cut, which was to develop a Battle Royale game in the Titnafall universe – Which would later be called Apex Legends.

“And at the time, I had just literally become [the] narrative lead designer on Titanfall 3, I had just pitched the… story, the whole game, that me and Manny had come up with, made this big presentation and then we went off a break and went back from break, and we talked about it, and we were like, “Yeah, we need to pivot. And we need to go make this game.” ‘Cause we literally canceled Titanfall 3 ourselves ’cause we were like, “We can make this game, and it’s going to be Titanfall 2 plus a little bit better, or we can make this thing, which is clearly amazing.” And don’t get me wrong, I will always miss having another Titanfall, y’know what I mean? I love that game, Titanfall 2, like I said, is my most crowing achievement, but it was the right call. That is a crazy cut. Such a crazy cut that EA didn’t even know about it for another six months!”

You can watch the full interview here:

Alavi was reportedly working on another Titanfall/Apex Legends game in 2022 before being canceled, too. According to Jason Schreier, EA ceased the development of a game based on the Apex Legends and Titanfall franchises. Known as Titanfall Legends internally, the game was being developed by Respawn Entertainment and was publically unannounced.

What do you think of the cancelation of Titanfall 3? Would you like to see the game return?

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