Microsoft Is Making Game Pass (And Series X) More Expensive

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In a report published by The Verge, it has been revealed that Microsoft is making things ever so slightly more expensive for gamers in certain regions around the world. In ‘most countries’, the price of the Xbox Series X console will be raised as of August 2023, and Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass for consoles will also see a price increase.

It was explained that this is to remain competitive and align closely with the cost of the PlayStation 5 console, but it was made clear that the Xbox Series S console will not see any price increase.

Moving On Up

In the report published by The Verge, it was highlighted that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass subscriptions will see their prices increase as of July 6th, 2023. Following the update, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will cost:

  • 16.99 USD (from 14.99)
  • 12.99 GBP (from 10.99)
  • 14.99 EUR (from 12.99)

It was also highlighted that the more basic offering – Game Pass – will move up by a single pound/dollar/euro. Strangely, Microsoft has opted to not increase the cost of PC Game Pass – the reasons for that are unclear.

Reportedly, those that are already subscribed won’t see the price hike take place on their recurring payments until August 13th at the earliest. This is the first price increase on Xbox Game Pass since the service was first launched way back in 2017, and in a statement to The Verge, Kari Perez, the Head of Communications for Xbox, said:

We’ve held on our prices for consoles for many years and have adjusted the prices to reflect the competitive conditions in each market.

Now, those looking to secure an Xbox Series X in the United Kingdom will be expected to pay £479.99 – which is up from around £449.99. That’s a representative example that can be adjusted to meet other currencies and locales. There will be no price increase for the console in the United States, Japan, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile.

What are your feelings about the price hike?

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