Super Mario RPG Is Getting A Remake, And Here Are The First Screenshots

Super Mario RPG Remake Screenshots

During the company’s Nintendo Direct on Wednesday, it was revealed that Super Mario RPG was getting a remake for the Nintendo Switch. Launching on November 17, the game features update visuals to bring the game into a new era, and Nintendo showed it off with over 25 screenshots.

“Originally released on Super NES, Super Mario RPG has been overhauled with new graphics,” Nintendo said in its release. “Join Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, and original characters Mallow and Geno, in an RPG filled with twists, turns and treasure.”

“Team up with an oddball group of heroes to save Star Road and stop the troublemaking Smithy Gang,” the game’s store page reads.

“Explore the vibrant environments with your party and jump towards your next goal! Run into monsters to enter turn-based battles with your party of three. Press the button at the right time for a satisfying dose of extra damage or helpful guard.”

When available, the game will cost $60.

You can see all of the screenshots in the gallery below. In addition to the remake, Nintendo revealed a brand new 2D Mario, Super Mario Bros Wonder.

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