PlayStation 5 Sales Hit Historical Numbers in February 2023

In the United States, February 2023 marked a month with astronomical video game sales. Newer titles such as Hogwarts Legacy and Dead Space sold millions of copies, while older games like The Last of Us saw a resurgence in sales. Games were not the industry’s only contribution to the markert, however, as Circana confirmed that console sales have also soared.

One console, in particular, saw its sales hit historical numbers, and it was none other than the PlayStation 5. Upon its release, the system was infamously difficult to find in stock but the availability of the console is no longer as rare to see. More and more players are picking it up, due to its new accessibility as well as its exclusive titles.

PlayStation 5 Sales in February 2023

Compared to a year ago, Matt Piscatella from Circana stated that spending on video game hardware had grown by 68%. The amount of money spent on such hardware in this year alone has gone up by a shocking 29%. The money has shot up from $687 million to $888 million. According to Piscatella, this significant growth had been driven by sales of the PlayStation 5. It was the best-selling platform in terms of both dollars and units over February 2023 and the year-to-date when compared to this time in 2022.

The PlayStation 5 did not only beat those hardware records. It made history for itself by selling more than any previous PlayStation console had. It seems that the PlayStation 5 is marking its name as the console with the biggest first quarter in gaming history. This would not only be in comparison to the PlayStation 5’s predecessors, but to all gaming consoles.

With a Pro version of the PlayStation 5 possibly in the works, it can almost certainly be said that Sony’s console sales will continue to soar throughout the year. Do you think that the PlayStation 5 will maintain its mark on the charts?

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