Palworld Is The Biggest 3rd Party Xbox Game Pass Launch Ever

Palworld Game Pass

The accolades for Palworld continue to come in, this time from the Xbox Game Pass side of things. Developer Pocketpair announced on Wednesday that Palworld has totaled 19 million players across PC and Xbox.

The studio sales it has sold 12 million copies on Steam since its January 19 release while also having 7 million players on Xbox consoles. With the 7 million players on Xbox, the game has become the biggest 3rd party launch on Game Pass in the services history.

“It’s been less than two weeks since Palworld was released, thank you,” the studio said. “We will continue to prioritize fixing bugs! Thank you for your continued support of Pocketpair!”

For comparison sake, 2023’s best-selling game Hogwarts Legacy sold two million copies in its first two weeks, and it was on three platforms when it launched. Palworld has sold 12 million copies on Steam in just 12 days.

Despite the game’s success, there are still concerns from some over the design of the Pals as well as other elements within the game. Palworld is on the radar of Nintendo, though it’s unknown if anything can, or will, come of the concerns.

For now, however, Pocketpair is moving forward with its roadmap for Palworld as it continues to grow its player base on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

Have you played Palworld yet? Let us know what you think of the game in the comments, and for more Insider Gaming, check out what games are set for PlayStation Plus in February.

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