Nintendo Shares Drop After Switch 2 Delay, Report Says

New Nintendo Switch 2 Console

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Nintendo shares have dropped by “as much as 8.8%”, following recent claims that the Switch 2 was delayed.

Late last week, reports surfaced hinting that the new Nintendo console could launch in Q1 2025. Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe cited multiple sources in a report via VGC.

However, many expected the console to launch sometime this year. That growing anticipation led Nintendo stock to rise significantly.

Nintendo’s current shares don’t technically seem all that low, according to analysts. But the sudden drop does reflect disappointment among investors and players alike.

As of early February, the Nintendo Switch console has sold 139 million units. But players are ready for something fresh, as the original Switch first launched several years ago.

For now, fans will have to wait until the next Nintendo financial update to learn closer details about the state of the Switch 2. That update is currently expected to release in May 2024.

In recent months, a variety of rumors about the Switch 2 emerged. In late January, Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase suggested the new Nintendo console would launch with an LCD screen.

That would likely result in a more affordable alternative, and an OLED version could still release later on.

Recent claims say that Nintendo could hold its February Direct sometime this week. However, Nintendo has not confirmed anything. Rumors suggest it will be a partner showcase.

Fans might have to wait a bit longer before Nintendo announces the next major console.

Last week, reports claimed that Nintendo is looking into backwards compatibility for the upcoming Switch 2 console. That might have been one of many similar causes for delay.

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