New Until Dawn Remake Gameplay Screenshots Leak Online

Several new Until Dawn Remake gameplay screenshots have leaked online, showing the game’s third-person perspective for the first time.

The screenshots were uploaded to the /r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit by user /u/MattTheMLGPro, but you can see the images here.

Admittingly, the images do not reveal much, but they do suggest that the game will have new content as the developers promised. The Until Dawn Remake is scheduled to release later this year on the PlayStation 5 and PC and will be rebuilt on Unreal Engine 5.

The official PlayStation blog reads, “Rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5, Until Dawn has seen enhancements across the board, all made with passion and care for the original from the team of horror lovers, film fanatics, and veteran game makers at Ballistic Moon; and it’s coming to PS5 and PC this year!

Until Dawn has been rebuilt with the latest tools and techniques. New and improved animations build on the success of the original character performances. Characters, environments and VFX have been upgraded – all for a truly enhanced cinematic horror experience.

We use a broader cinematic tonal colour palette and new perspectives to make the story more nuanced and emotional. We’ve been brave enough to shine a light into the dark, unseen corners of Blackwood Mountain and added a third-person camera, which means you can now look behind the curtain of the original game, exploring enhanced and new locations with new interactions and collectables. 

Incorporating a third-person camera and adding contextual character movement animations, the game now allows the player to really feel the experience of that fateful night.

Until Dawn’s sound has undergone a massive overhaul too, featuring a new score from legendary horror composer Mark Korven.”

Until Dawn will also be getting a film adaption from PlayStation Productions and Sony’s Screen Gems, which is believed to be in early production.

What do you think of the Until Dawn Remake screenshots?

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