Kai Cenat is Crowned Streamer of the Year

kai cenat

The Streamer Awards just took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, handing out trophies to the world’s top-tier content creators for their efforts through 2023. By the end of the night, Kai Cenat had been crowned Streamer of the Year, despite some staggering controversies over the last twelve months. He also managed to scoop the award for Best Just Chatting Streamer.

Through It All

Kai Cenat had an up-and-down year, seeing everything from a record-breaking ‘subathon’ to an intense situation that saw him incite mass riots in Manhattan. Regardless, The Streamer Awards’ board saw fit to hand the 22-year-old North American streamer the most prestigious award at the event, marking him as the world’s best streamer two years in a row.

It’s something that has been replicated by so few streamers. In both 2017 and 2019, Dr Disrespect won Streamer of the Year at the Esports Awards – but these days, it’s all about Just Chatting streams.

However, there were plenty of awards handed out for other top categories on streaming platforms:

  • Best Strategy Game Streamer – DisguisedToast
  • Best MMORPG Streamer – SodaPoppin
  • Best IRL Streamer – Jinnytty
  • Best Battle Royale Streamer – IttzTimmy
  • Stream Game of the Year – Lethal Company
  • Best FPS Streamer – Tarik
  • Best Breakthrough Streamer – Jynxzi
  • Best Variety Streamer – Caseoh_
  • League of Their Own – ExtraEmily
  • Gamer of the Year – Jynxzi

Despite being nominated for multiple awards and winning two, Cenat was unable to attend the ceremony in Las Vegas, being that he was occupied with something else – also in Las Vegas.

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