UK Supermarket Selling Immortals of Aveum for £1

immortals of aveum asda

Immortals of Aveum was released in August 2023, competing against several top-tier titles that effortlessly dominated the charts but ultimately fell flat and failed to perform. A former developer recently said that it was a mistake to try and release Immortals of Aveum when they did, competing with such a dense roster of titles, and reportedly, the game cost a whopping $125 million to bring to market.

Earlier today, Immortals of Aveum was spotted being sold in Asda, a UK-based supermarket, for just £1 as the retailer attempts to clear stock of the game that was stopped dead in its tracks from the moment it launched.

Mortal After All

Immortals of Aveum spoke a good game in early trailers and showcases, but it failed to deliver when it came time to walk the walk. It picked up relatively good reviews across the board but couldn’t retain any solid player base, falling out of relevance almost as quickly as it had appeared.

In a recent post on Reddit, eagle-eyed shoppers in the United Kingdom noticed Asda selling the game for a measly £1:

(Thanks to VGC for spotting this)

The user who uploaded the rather blurry image stated that they successfully bought the game, which is now out of stock on the retailer’s website and showing a price tag of £0.00. It was a rough time for the developer of the EA-backed title, Ascendant Studios, as layoffs struck the firm last year due to poor sales and a failure to hit expected targets.

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