Tarkov Arena Gets Six-Month Update Roadmap

tarkov arena updates

Tarkov Arena, the all-new multiplayer shooter from Battlestate Games, has been updated with a six-month roadmap that outlines major changes coming to the game up until mid-summer 2024. It’s a mixed bag of changes, tweaks, and additions that has the community split, with one side loving what’s coming and the other deciding that the game is already dying a grisly death.

What’s Next in the Arena?

Escape from Tarkov Arena debuted in December with a staggered launch and quickly became a popular enough standalone game. It’s separate from Escape from Tarkov, which is the hardcore, challenging extraction shooter title that fans have been neck-deep in since 2016 – but there are some cross-game synchronisations on the books in this new roadmap.

In a post on Twitter, the Arena team revealed that several changes are coming ‘by the end of February’:

  • Improvements to Ranked Mode
  • Reworking the ‘Preset System’
  • Hitbox and Armor system from Escape from Tarkov coming across (yikes)
  • Custom lobby improvements
  • New location for TeamFight mode

There’s a whole host of content and changes lined up for two further updates, one in ‘mid-spring’, the other in ‘mid-summer’. They’ll each bring a new mode and a fresh location to the game, as well as quality-of-life improvements and the highly sought-after cross-functionality between Arena and Escape from Tarkov.

There are also improvements to the game’s anti-cheat systems on the cards, an achievement system, and preset customisation – which is probably the most desired thing in the game right now.

Are you still playing Tarkov Arena?

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