Nintendo Switch Has Now Sold 139 Million Units

nintendo switch 2 samsung

It was recently revealed that the Nintendo Switch, since being released in 2017, has sold more than 139 million units. It’s the second-highest-selling Nintendo console of all time, dwarfing the Wii and 3DS – but it’s still around 15 million units behind the Nintendo DS. It was also revealed that more than 1.2 billion software units have been sold since the console was released, a monumental sum that, in the Nintendo world, is not equal.

And It’s Still Going

In a recently published financial update, Nintendo revealed growth across the board, showing increased operating profit, net sales, and net profit when comparing Q1 – Q3 FY23 to FY24. It was shown that, over time, the number of ‘annual player users’ is increasing exponentially, topping out at 122 million gamers in 2023. There was also a breakdown published that showed the market split between the Switch, the Switch OLED, and the Switch Lite, with the OLED model leading the charge since FY2023.

There was a positive spread outlined across both digital and physical sales trends, and a solid outlook described for the year ahead, with releases like Mario vs. Donkey Kong and Princess Peach Showtime topping the table.

There are high expectations in store for Nintendo, which is due to reveal what’s coming next in terms of hardware soon. There are beliefs that by the end of the year, the Switch 2 will be released, but little is known (or has been confirmed) about the console.

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