Nintendo Direct Confirmed for Tomorrow, June 21st

nintendo direct partner showcase

It has been confirmed that the next Nintendo Direct will take place on June 21st, starting at 07:00 am PST / 10:00 am EST, and it’ll run for approximately forty minutes. It has already been confirmed that details on the new Pikmin 4 will surface – and that news comes following a ‘leak’ earlier today that revealed previously unknown information about the game.

It has been rumoured for a few days that a Nintendo Direct will surface this week – and it’s good to see that those rumours have come to fruition.

Mark Your Calendars

We’ve seen some early predictions for the Nintendo Direct circulating online in recent weeks, ranging from an expansion pass for Tears of the Kingdom to the introduction of Honkai Star Rail to Nintendo’s flagship console.

There’s also still the potential for Nintendo to lift the lid on what comes next in the console department for the firm.

If you’re eager to see what’s coming at the Nintendo Direct on June 21st, you can check out the live stream here (when it goes live) and follow Insider Gaming for all the news as soon as it’s revealed.

What are you expecting to be uncovered during the Nintendo Direct showcase?

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  1. Bad time as most (smart) people who wish to keep their day job so they can buy Nintendo games morally will be on their way to work. Or perhaps its smart of Nintendo so it won’t overload their (usually) crappy servers?

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