New PlayStation 5 Bundle With 24 Months of PlayStation Plus is Coming

New images have surfaced online of a new PlayStation 5 bundle that contains 24 months of PlayStation Plus.

First spotted by Twitter user @Zuby_Tech, the bundle appears to offer nothing more than 24 months of PlayStation Plus. However, the timing of its potential release could be noteworthy.

Insider Gaming understands that Sony is planning to launch a new PlayStation 5 later this year that sports a detachable disc drive. Although not yet confirmed, it’s possible that the new bundle could be as a means to sell existing PlayStation 5 stock before the next console is released. Insider Gaming understands that the new PlayStation 5 will completely replace the old model.

It’s unclear on when the new PlayStation 5 will be announced, but Jim Ryan recently said at the PlayStation Showcase that more details will be “revealed soon” on its Project Q handheld. So it’s possible the console could be announced as a part of some kind of event.

Several days ago, PlayStation announced 27 new games coming to the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog.

What do you think of the new PlayStation 5 bundle? Do you think it’s a means to selling old PlayStation units? Let us know down below.

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