Huge Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Fontaine Characters’ Concept Art

genshin impact leak

It was a good few days ago that Genshin Impact leaks concerning all-new Fontaine characters hit social media circles online, but in recent hours, those leaks have been blown wide open. Online, one user has taken it upon themselves to drop a 1 GB file containing almost 300 images of concept art of the new Fontaine characters, putting faces (and bodies) to the names that were already leaked.

While some imagery has been circulating on Twitter, this is the most complete leak we have seen so far of the Fontaine characters coming to Genshin Impact, which remains popular since being released in 2020.

A Long Way Off

On August 16th, Genshin Impact 4.0 and the expansion into the Fontaine Region are expected to be released, bringing a new roster of characters into the fold. It was a few weeks ago that a short clip showcasing underwater elements of the new region surfaced online:

Now, a series of images showing concept art of the new characters that worship the ‘Hydro Archon’ that is so prevalent in the region of Fontaine has been leaked online. Personally, I haven’t ever played Genshin Impact, so I can’t speak to the gravity of this leak, but it’s a lot of imagery to be dropped in a single file, and the concept art is remarkably comprehensive – so much so that cosplayers could start working on their outfits right now.

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