Pikmin 4 Download Cards Reveal Unseen Info About The Game

pikmin 4

In Japan, download cards for the new Pikmin 4 – which is releasing on the 21st of July – have seemingly revealed otherwise unknown information about the upcoming game. There are some tantalising tidbits to take away from this ‘leak’, and the gravity of some of the content revealed on the download cards suggests that a Nintendo Direct may be on the way to explain exactly what’s coming.

Recently, we covered the news that various sources are alluding to a Nintendo Direct taking place this week, which would correlate with what the general consensus is online.

What’s New in Pikmin 4?

If the download cards are to be believed (and why wouldn’t they be?) then there are a few tasty snippets of information revealed that we previously weren’t aware of. For instance, the cards reveal a split-screen battle mode and they suggest that the game has been built (at least in some way) with the Unreal Engine and not Nintendo’s in-house engine.

In an image uploaded to Twitter by Tokyo Game Life, we can see the split-screen multiplayer referenced in images, cooperative support functions, all-new ‘treasures’ including fidget spinners, beach balls, and origami figures, and the ability to enter houses and other buildings with Pikmin.

It’s quite a hefty reveal, and it could be giving away plenty about the upcoming game that Nintendo may have preferred to keep under wraps until the (likely) impending Nintendo Direct showcase.

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