Various Sources Suggest a New Nintendo Direct This Week

Various sources have suggested that a new Nintendo Direct is due to be released sometime in June, specifically this week.

According to the Brazilian website Universo Nintendo and content creator NateTheHate (who has accurately leaked news in the past), Nintendo could have a new Nintendo Direct later this week.

Universo Nintendo says (translated), “According with information obtained by Universo Nintendo with trusted anonymous sources, the company should make a presentation with news with a Nintendo Direct next week until June 23. The format of the presentation, if it’s mini or general still is unknown, but we understand that due to having first-party titles within its announcements and updates, the company wouldn’t use the partner showcase format as an option.”

Subsequently, late last week, NateTheHate also hinted that a new Direct could happen between June 20 and June 23.

Nintendo is yet to officially confirm a new Nintendo Direct, but if one is happening this week, we expect to hear it officially in the new couple of days.

One potential game that could make its way to the Nintendo Direct is Persona 3 Reload, which leaked earlier today as coming to the Nintendo Switch. Online retailers including GAME, have started listing Switch versions of the game, too, suggesting that Nintendo could be gearing up for an announcement.

Do you think we’re getting a new Nintendo Direct this June?

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