Callisto Protocol’s ‘Final Chapter’ Launches First on PlayStation

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In December 2022, The Callisto Protocol, which smacked of Dead Space vibes, was released to a positive reception and then was subsequently broadened through some valuable updates that rolled out over the following months. Now, it has been revealed that the game’s lifecycle is coming to an end with ‘Final Transmission’, the last chapter of The Callistol Protocol that’ll launch first on PlayStation.

It’s not too much of a timed exclusive, though. It was made clear that the final expansion for The Callisto Protocol will drop first on PlayStation but within forty-eight hours, it’ll be available on all other platforms. It releases on PlayStation on June 27th, and on every other platform on June 29th.

Marking the Final Chapter

Developed by Striking Distance Studios, The Callisto Protocol enjoyed a positive reception despite sales numbers not reaching the heights that were predicted by the studio. In recent months, new modes – including more hardcore, challenging ones – were added to the game by the developer, much to the appreciation of fans that wanted something even tougher than the base game to enjoy.

Now, around seven months after the game was released, Striking Distance prepares to effectivley sunset the project with one last expansion: Final Transmission.

There was a 20-second teaser posted on Twitter that promises fans an intense, terrifying experience to close out the final burst of content for The Callisto Protocol:

Generally, the consensus amongst the audience (as reflected in the comments of that post above) is that The Callisto Protocol did receive some reviews that could be classed as too harsh, and it’s still a fantastic game that’s well worth the investment.

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