BattleBit Remastered Tops Steam Charts and Amazes Players

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BattleBit Remastered is taking Steam by storm, sitting at the top of the best-selling games list and enjoying a prestigious position in the charts despite almost being a ‘never-heard-of’ title made by a team of just four developers. It has been under production for more than seven years, but now that the Remastered edition has hit the market, fans are going wild over it.

For the most part, it’s doing the ‘FPS thing’ better than some AAA studios, and there’s a bright future in store for the game. In a roadmap graphic released by the four-man development team, the state of BattleBit Remastered was outlined, revealing just how hefty an offering this $15 game is. It’s currently being enjoyed by some of the biggest names in FPS gaming on streaming platforms, too – which is nothing but a good thing for the game.

Beautifully Simple and Best Selling

In recent years, the ‘low-poly’ vibe has seen success in gaming – but not so much in the FPS genre. Built in Unity, BattleBit boasts the instantly recognisable, toned-down aesthetic that’s associated with low-poly gaming, but it takes nothing away from the final product.

It’s an elite offering, fusing together high-octane, high-player-count combat, vehicular battles, and destructible environments with a wide range of weapons, maps, and modes. There are elements of base building present, proximity chat, and hardcore mechanics that make things like healing a much more challenging task.

As it’s so low-res, there are almost no issues with BattleBit Remastered accomodating the 254 players that can all co-exist in the same match at the same time – even if there have been a few low-tier teething issues owed to the already-dramatic success of the game on Steam.

It’s so accessible and can essentially be run on a potato-grade PC, which is perfect for amassing as large an audience as possible. Personally, I’ve not played BattleBit just yet, but the consensus online is that it’s equal parts entertaining and satisfying – the perfect balance between being fun and offering a legitimate challenge at times.

If you’re interested, you can purchase BattleBit Remastered here on Steam.

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  1. Played the Beta for almost a year every Sat. Game is worth $99. Grab a supporter pack and show em some love!

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