Twitch Introduces ‘Partner Plus’ Tier And Annoys More Users

partner plus twitch

Twitch has lifted the lid on ‘Partner Plus’, an all-new tier for high-performing streamers that grants them access to that highly-sought-after 70/30 revenue split, but there are a few catches attached to the deal that are annoying users. It’s the latest in a long line-up of aggravating decisions being made by Twitch that seem to be pushing the platform further down the rankings of approval where streaming platforms are concerned.

In this latest move, Twitch has presented Partner Plus, which is reserved exclusively for relatively high-performing content creators. It’s not what it seems at face value, though – there are caveats to the offer.

It’s Never Easy

Firstly, those that want to take advantage of the new Partner Plus deal will need to meet some strict criteria, starting with a consistent hold of at least 350 paid subscriptions over a three-month period. However, that’s where the first catch arises, as Amazon Prime and gifted subscriptions won’t count towards that total.

Strangely, it doesn’t matter if the streamer collapses and falls far below that count once they’ve secured Partner Plus, according to the FAQ. There will be a 12-month minimum contract period offered by Partner Plus.

Partner Plus goes live on October 1st, 2023 – but the users that want to qualify are effectively kicking off their application as we speak, owing to that three-month window requirement. It’s only applicable to existing Twitch Partners, and there’s a further catch – that 70/30 revenue split will only count for the first $100,000 earned by a streamer.

After that, it’s back down to 50/50.

With YouTube’s streaming platform still claiming big names and the ever-controversial Kick rising through the ranks over time – despite rampant toxicity and strange practices – Twitch has a lot of competition to be concerned about.

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