Microsoft Is Done Making Xbox One Games

Microsoft Is Done Making Xbox One Games
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Two and a half years after the launch of the Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft has finally decided to move on from its last-generation console the Xbox One.

In an interview with Axios, Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty said that the studio is no longer focused on the Xbox One.

“We’ve moved on to gen 9,” Booty said.

Should players want to stick to playing games on their Xbox One, but have access to newer games, they will have the option to play them view Microsoft’s cloud gaming service.

“That’s how we’re going to maintain support,” Booty said.

While it’s always expected to happen when new consoles hit the market, it’s a major moment for a studio when they stop focusing on an older generation. For Xbox Game Studios, with the focus on the newer Xbox Series X|S platforms it makes sure newer games in development like Fable are geared solely for a current-gen experience as opposed to dragging past platforms along for the ride.

In addition to moving on from Xbox One, Booty confirmed the studio — and company as a whole — is standing behind the Xbox Series S despite rumors suggesting the weaker system can hold games back.

Booty says that even though it’s more work, teams have been able to “squeeze more performance” out of the Xbox Series S during development.

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