Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ESRB Rating Revealed Ahead Of October Release

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 ESRB Rating

With the release date known, the build-up for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is in full swing, and that includes getting its official rating from the ESRB.

Like its predecessors (Spider-Man and Miles Morales), Spider-Man 2 is rated T for Teen. According to the ESRB, it was given the rating for blood, drug reference, mild language, and violence.

That said, the rating board gave more details as to why it gave the game the rating it did. With that explanation, came some more small details about what’s going to be in the game.

“Characters mostly punch, kick, and throw each other during fights; central characters can use special symbiote-based and electricity-based attacks on enemies,” the rating page says. “Some enemies use pistols and/or machine guns during combat; gunshots sometimes result in small splashes of blood. Cutscenes depict further instances of violence/blood: a character choked to death; a dead body turned over; blood drops on a leaf.

“In some crime missions, characters can be seen trading unnamed drugs for weapons; drug packages can be seen in a car trunk. The words “pr*ck” and “a*s” appear in the game.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches October 20 exclusively for PlayStation 5. And for those wondering, no it won’t be on PlayStation Plus day one.

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