Skull and Bones BETA Gets Cut For Console – Now PC Only

skull and bones

Playtesters, who are in the official Skull and Bones discord have reported to Insider Gaming that the next beta playtest is for PC only.

UPDATE – A developer in the Skull and Bones discord has said that the test “was never intended to be for console” despite players being given the opportunity to sign up via PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X\S.

The information is corroborated by the removal of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S signups from being available on the official Ubisoft website. No official information as to why the change has occurred has yet been provided, but one developer in the discord said that the information “will be adjusted”, but it “might take a few days as everyone’s quite busy with Ubi Forward still”.

The Skull and Bones closed beta period is set to occur from August 25 to August 28, 2023. 

Although the game was first announced to release in 2018, the game has had unprecedented problems with its development and so far has been delayed on a number of occasions. Its last BETA phase did not resonate with players according to Insider Gaming sources, so it’ll be interesting to know how the game has changed since then, if at all.

Insider Gaming had even spoken with over 20 people to corroborate this one small story – With all but one leaving the official discord because the game didn’t interest them.

It was recently revealed by Ubisoft that there’s a secret, ‘improved version’ of Skull and Bones that it hasn’t yet shown to anybody – not even the testers themselves. If that’s true remains to be seen…

Will you be giving the Skull & Bones Closed BETA a go?

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  1. Sad news, shows the gane ready state 6 momths after it was supposed to released on console.

    1. I found it as dull as ditch water. 3 hours of play was enough to ensure I wouldn’t consider buying it.

  2. If the reporting were true that you as rhe captain couldn’t get off the ship, the project was going to be doomed.
    Imagine this…GTA but with pirates. Midget pirates, Spock like pirates..exploring new islands, discovering new species all while pillaging and plundering any ship that you run across. Going to different ports, playing darts, getting drunk, having relationships (wink wink), naming new undiscovered Islands after yourself, creating and modifying your OWN CUSTOM SHIP. Every player online ans even the NPCs come across a island that you’s forever embedded in the game. The game tells you the date it was discovered, who discovered it, and the name.
    You tell me I can customize my own ship…it’s Fury 3.0 bitches.

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