Skull and Bones: ‘Current’ Imagery Leaks Online

skull and bones

Skull and Bones may just be the most ill-fated project in the history of gaming. It has been subjected to countless delays, any gameplay released has been underwhelming, and reportedly, there’s a noose hanging around the project that has been put there courtesy of the Singaporean government.

Recently, a short series of images were leaked on Reddit, with the poster claiming that they reveal ‘the current state’ of Skull and Bones, Ubisoft’s teetering, live-service pirate epic. It has been five months since fresh gameplay was broadcasted by Ubisoft, and once again, it seems like the game could be delayed – or a cancellation agreement could be agreed.

Skull and Bones Needs to Sink

At this point, it seems bizarre to believe that Skull and Bones will ever be released, and if it is, there are almost no expectations that it’ll launch in any kind of a decent state. It has been in development for several years, and in that time, almost nobody – critics, fans, or otherwise – has had anything hopeful to say about the game.

Reportedly, the Skull and Bones project is only being kept alive because of an old deal between Ubisoft Singapore and the Singaporean government.

In the latest images to allegedly leak from inside the project, Skull and Bones kind of looks exactly like it did in the most recent gameplay updates, posted back in January 2023. It doesn’t seem as though huge leaps are being made, which was to be expected.

Recently, Ubisoft decided to triple down on its resources for the Assassin’s Creed franchise, hiring hundreds of developers to come into the fold and put a huge focus on what can be considered its flagship franchise. As far as we know, there’s nothing new being introduced to push Skull and Bones past the finish line.

People were tired of Skull and Bone years ago – now they’re just completely exhausted with it. Even if it does launch, we can’t see there being much support for the game past keeping the lights on, and the reception will almost certainly be completely underwhelming.

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  1. You’re a fuckin clown.
    Sheep media reporter just saying what every other idiot media outlet says instead of the truth.

    100$ your dumbass never even pkayed the beta. The game is fantastic you dumb shit. Go away

  2. I so crave an epic pirates game/story. Thought this was going to be it. I am still holding out hope that Ubisoft will be able to fix any remaining issues & put out ‘Skull & Bones’ (sooner, than later), but that hope is waning every day. C’mon guys, get it together.

  3. This article demonstrates a clear bias and unfairly criticizes a game that is still in development. Your negative tone and lack of substantial evidence or reliable sources undermine the credibility of your claims. Instead of providing constructive criticism or objective analysis, you rely on speculation and smearing tactics. Such unfounded attacks on an unfinished game serve no purpose other than to spread negativity and mislead readers. It is essential to approach game development with fairness and objectivity, allowing developers the opportunity to refine their work before passing judgment.

  4. This is the most based post I’ve ever seen about this game I’m impressed with the gameplay so far and wasn’t expecting a launch for the game till 2024 anyways so I really don’t get any of these points and the game will not get cancelled. You can already preorder the game so it must be close to a finished product

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