Sony Says Not Putting Its Games on PS Plus on Day One is ‘Working For Us’

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Sony has said that not putting its first-party games on PS Plus on day one is working for the company.

The news comes via, which spoke with the company’s vice president and global head of subscriptions, Nick Maguire. The main discussion focused on the company’s confidence in its PS Plus strategy, as well as what players can expect from the service moving forward.

Speaking on the company’s confidence in the service, Maguire said, “Putting games in a bit later in the life cycle has meant that we can reach more customers 12, 18, 24 months after they have released.”

He continued, “We’re seeing customers still get excited about those games and jumping in. For us, that’s working. Occasionally, there will be an opportunity to invest in a day-and-date like Stray and we will jump on those when they come in. But for us, letting those [first-party] games go out to the platform outside the service first… that’s working, and that will continue to be our strategy moving forward.”

PS Plus takes a slightly different approach to its compeition with Microsoft’s Game Pass, which allows its subscribers to play all of its first-party games for free on day one. Sony on the other hand has opted to charge its players full price and then announce that the game will come to PS Plus sometime later (usually a year or more).

As for the future of PS Plus, it’s been officially revealed that testing cloud streaming with PS5 games has already begun and that it will be available to PS Plus Premium subscribers (date to be announced).

What do you think of PS Plus and its strategy to release its first-party games on the service later down the line? Let us know in the comments below.

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