Star Ocean: The Second Story Remake Leaks Via Square Enix Website

A logo uploaded to the official Square Enix’s official support site suggests that a Star Ocean: The Second Story Remake is in development.

The logo was first spotted via, which said that the image was found at the following URL (since removed). – Despite the image being removed though, the website managed to download and upload the image which you can see here:

Square Enix is yet to confirm that a Star Ocean: The Second Story Remake is in development, but the logo upload to the website suggests it could be announced soon. In 2019, Square Enix released Star Ocean: First Departure R for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, which is a re-release of the PSP version of the original Star Ocean title with updated character art.

As mentioned by RPGsite, ogo specifically says “The Second Story R”, and not “Second Evolution R”. Second Story is the subtitle of the original PS1 release, whereas Second Evolution is the subtitle of the 2008 PSP version.

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Star Ocean: The Second Story was a commercial success on its release in 1998, having sold 1.094 million copies worldwide, with 724,000 copies sold in Japan alone and 370,000 copies sold overseas. The game received favorable reviews on release and was lauded for innovative gameplay elements not previously seen in the genre while borrowing some of the best features of popular JRPG Final Fantasy VII.

Who you like to see a Star Ocean: The Second Story Remake?

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