PlayStation Doesn’t Deserve Starfield

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It’s no big secret that the gaming industry is inherently competitive. From the developers trying to outdo one another to the gamers themselves fighting to be the best at whatever title they boot up on a daily basis, there’s always a fight playing out in one way or another. Recently, Starfield received a momentous update that showcased the game in all its glory, and now, some PlayStation fans have found themselves ruing that competitive nature, writhing with the knowledge that Starfield will be exclusive to Xbox and PC platforms.

But we’re here to say that it’s all in vain – PlayStation simply doesn’t deserve Starfield. It may look like the most potential-ridden game to ever emerge, but that doesn’t matter. If you’re a PlayStation fan and you’re chomping at the bit to explore the farthest reaches of our galaxy in Starfield, it’s tough. It’s fair to say that PlayStation has had plenty of glory of late – it’s time to let Xbox glow up a little.

Starfield Isn’t on PlayStation, And That’s Just Fine

PlayStation won the 8th Generation with the PlayStation 4, and it’s winning the 9th Generation of consoles with the PlayStation 5. It has had more critically-acclaimed exclusives in the last decade than any other platform – and that of course means that it has outshone Xbox in almost every capacity.

That’s the driving reason for our argument – PlayStation has enough on its plate, and there’s no reason why some PlayStation fans should be starting petitions that demand Starfield be brought to PlayStation 5 – exclusively, no less!

In the last ten years or so, PlayStation has had:

  • Ghost of Tsushima
  • The Last of Us + Part II
  • God of War + Ragnarok
  • Bloodborne
  • Horizon Zero Dawn + Forbidden West
  • Gran Turismo 6 + 7
  • Spider-Man (and soon, Spider-Man 2)

And that’s us naming but a few of the top-tier titles that have emerged from PlayStation’s studios over the years. By contrast, in the same timeframe, Xbox has had:

  • Forza (Multiple titles)
  • Halo 5 + Infinite
  • Gears of War 4 + Gears 5
  • Sea of Thieves
  • State of Decay 2

That’s sort of the breakdown of the core titles – there are many more exclusives that we could discuss, but it’s clear that PlayStation has been slamming nothing but home runs in the exclusive department of late.

With some recent exclusives, Xbox has had a fairly tough time – Redfall, for example. And with the mention of Halo Infinite, let’s not fail to highlight how it was probably the worst-performing game in the history of the franchise, plummeting over such a short period of time.

Xbox needs a massive win.

Starfield Will Bring It Back

Starfield is the culmination of a development cycle seven years in the making, and it’s the first ‘new universe’ put forward by Bethesda Game Studios in twenty-five years. It offers unparalleled opportunities for exploration and customisation, and it’s one of the biggest, broadest, and most ambitious games ever made.

And it’s not coming to PlayStation – which is totally fine.

It’s only exclusive to Xbox because of Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media in 2021, which brought on board several sub-developers that included Bethesda Game Studios. It’s not like Sony isn’t out here acquiring studios, right? It was a fine purchase for Microsoft, and it’s highly like that, going forward, the likes of Elder Scrolls and Fallout will also be completely exclusive to Xbox and PC platforms.

So, if you’re one of the PlayStation gamers complaining about Starfield’s exclusivity, then buckle up – you’ve got a long road ahead.

Hey – do you think Microsoft will successfully purchase Activision Blizzard and then revert on promises made and turn Call of Duty into an Xbox-exclusive franchise? Sorry, that’s a bit of fearmongering.

PlayStation 5 isn’t getting Starfield because Xbox deserves it more – deal with it.

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  1. Insider Gaming has quickly become one of my favorite sites to go to for gaming news for one simple reason: it actually focuses on gaming news. What was the point of this article? What information does it provide to the public? I’m not opposed to opinion pieces, but arguments should be made in good faith and not with such a childish, adversarial tone.

    I am truly excited to see Insider Gaming grow, but I’m not going to stick around if it’s going to farm for clicks with articles clearly designed to exploit hot emotions and outrage like this.

  2. Xbox is dead and this game running at 30fps isn’t going to save it. Microsoft as much as said they have no faith in the console. Even after buying Activision/Blizzard Sony still beats them.

  3. So you’re saying that xbox deserves this essentially for no reason. Just cos they had the budget to acquire Bethesda.
    And that’s your reasoning?

    Amazing article.

  4. U sound goofy as hell, the company deserves to not be petty and bring it to the higher selling console system as well not just one single console, u sound uneducated

  5. Bethesda games have been available on playstation for over 20 yrs. Simple solution.. Starfield won’t get my support.

  6. The problem is there are many Bethesda fans on playstation that have played their games for years. Most of the big exclusives for playstation are either new IP created by PlayStation, or long running PlayStation franchises. Sony isn’t taking long running Xbox games away, they just make extra games specifically for playstation. Sony spent a lot of time and money nurturing it’s creative teams. Microsoft on the other hand is literally just buying publishers. Starfeild was already coming to Xbox, call of duty is already on Xbox. More games more places??? They are buying existing games, and excluding PlayStation. You call that competition???

  7. As a PS5 user I agree that fans petitioning for Starfield to be on PS5 with some arguing it should be PS5 exclusive is beyond ridiculous. With that said I was one of those gamers who did not like that Zenimax sold out to Microsoft. I get why they did it but I did not like it. It is what it is in the end and one can only hope the added resources makes Starfield a home run for Xbox. It’s made my wife and I consider buying a XBSS to be able to play it. She is a big Fallout fan and we just don’t have the scratch to build a decent PC at the moment. Plus, Game Pass is a heck of a selling point when considering buying an Xbox. PS5 owners should be glad that the console has been hitting homeruns for years now. While I will say that Microsoft just buying the competition and hoping they give you a hit is kinda cheating considering their own studios before the acquisition couldn’t, I do still root for Bethesda given that they own studios like id Software, Machine Games and Tango Gameworks. Starfield kinda needs to be a game that has you buying into xbox, otherwise it will be a massive flop for both Bethesda and Xbox. Right now we hope it will be but their track record ain’t great. I won’t be excited until it’s in my hands and it isn’t broken at launch. It cannot be a case of Cyberpunk 2077 either. It needs to be great at launch.

  8. Clickbaity title. No one “deserves” a game. Especially an inanimate object, such as a game console or platform. That petition making the rounds is so obviously trolling; I can’t believe anyone is taking it seriously. It would be great if all games were multiplatform, but that would have other negative consequences for the vg industry. It was definitely a power move by Microsoft to buy Bethesda, and it was probably the right strategy for them, but buying a publisher and making its games exclusive to your console after decades of those IP’s presence on other platforms is unprecedented. It is very different to the way Sony (or any other company) acquired development studios historically. Taking away games from console players who would have otherwise had access to them is entirely different to building new games for your own platform. And now Msoft is trying to do the same with Activision. The timed exclusivity practice that all platform holders are guilty of is almost as bad, but at least it’s only timed.

    1. “everyone can share” oh neat then why are ff16 and ff7r pt 2 year+ long timed exclusives then?

  9. I wouldn’t necessarily say PlayStation doesn’t deserve it, it’s not coming to PlayStation because Microsoft bought the company but they didn’t create the game.There are a lot of PlayStation gamers who enjoyed Bethesda’s games (Fallout, Elder Scrolls, etc) who will definitely be sad they won’t be seeing any of those games again, it’s not a great situation but it falls under Microsoft’s umbrella so it is what it is.

  10. Clickbait. There’s no reason one deserves it and the other doesn’t. That’s console war, trolly nonsense. It’s exclusive because it belongs to Microsoft. Simple. They were struggling for good exclusives so they bought zenimax and are going to buy Activision. If Cod isn’t exclusive right away I reckon it eventually will be. Microsoft needs exclusives to compete, good on them doing something about it.

    Ps/pc gamer here. So sick of console war feeders pretending to be journalists.

  11. Nothing is bringing back the Xbox unless there’s a boom in the high priced paperweight market. What it should and will do is boost popularity of the Steam deck.

  12. If would have been better for the game if it was on PS5. As it stands it’s not going to make the Xbox shine because it’s running at a lower resolution and locked at 30fps. Not only that, but it’s on PC as well (which is where I’ll be playing it). Xbox is laughable nowadays. PS5 is just better for actual exclusives. Kind of shot themselves in the foot leaving out the vastly bigger player base on the PS5. But I’m sure the 10 lolbox owners will enjoy it.

    1. No it wouldn’t lol. It’s Bethesda. Plus, Microsoft could literally buy Sony out if it wanted to, so this “competition” between Xbox and Playstation is literally the dumbest thing ever. Sony won the battle, but Microsoft can dominate Sony if they wanted to.

    2. Bethesda games have always run better on Xbox than PlayStation. The best thing for Bethesda going forward is to not hold themselves back by trying to accommodate a console brand that just doesn’t work with their games.

      1. You referring to PS3 which had a wildly different architecture than anything else? Because PS4 and PS5 are far more like that of a PC, as stated by plenty of developers.

      2. They are both the same hardware this gen, from a development perspective you wouldn’t change anything for one of the other, just game engine settings for slightly different graphicss settings to accommodate the strength of each.

    3. You must be the guy that started the petition in the first place. Thanks for the laugh!

    4. I’m a PCMR kinda dude. But it’d run even worse on the PS5 as it’s hardware is weaker. But I do think Microsoft should’ve taken the high ground and have no exclusives. The stupid thing though that Sony does is have exclusives they are trying to force relevance in world that is making the PC & Console less and less required. When they should be snatching up developers and creating a game pass system like Microsoft.

      1. Don’t need a gamepass system when you just have good games. Plus we all see how much Redfall really runs on that “better hardware” so goodbye to that arguement.

      2. ? Xbox runs far worse… what are too smoking bud? The system architecture by design is weaker. There’s no amount of code to fix that.

    5. Has playstation ever snatched away titles that were inevitably intended for everyone? Because that’s the case here. No way Starfield’s early development did not have playstation in mind. Having played oblivion, fallout 3, skyrim, and fallout 4 over the past 15 years, playstation users (who doubled Xbox’s sales) naturally looked forward to Starfield and ES6 with no reason not to. None of those playstation exclusives listed were ever supposed to be coming to Xbox. I’d say this was greed, but it’s actually simple pettiness and spite. Stupid article.

    6. Got news for you, I won’t be surprised when Starfield comes out to PS5 a year+ from now it too will be locked at 30FPS.

    7. “Xbox deserves it”
      No. They do not. They desperately need it. And it’s cutting half its potential market. For 7 years of hefty spending. I’m not mad , instead of paying 90$ , I’ll simple crack for free on PC and have more than 30 fps. They just shot themselves in the foot. Enjoy

  13. The agruement that playstation has had actual success when it comes to exclusives and now its xbox’s turn is the wrong way to look at the situation. How about xbox’s failure over the passed 2 generations that its currently trying to buy success by purchasing AAA developers in the market place. Starfield is an exclusive because they bought Bethesda. Thats it.

  14. You sound like a whiney little B—-. Sorry Microsoft hasn’t had good exclusives on the same level as its competitors and that’s fine. Saying MS deserves it due to the exclusives is stupid

  15. This entire thing reads as hopeful fanboyism. The xbox is basically dead with the whole “all our games are on pc” thing. There are no xbox exclusives because of that. I really wanted Starfield to be great but I just doubt it will be. Not because it’s not on PS5. I play pc primarily. The author just needs a reality check.

  16. Xbox Always Shinning Van Estes My Shining in front my face you don’t see ps5 Shinning these daYs??????

  17. Xbox 360 was better than PS3…I’ll give it That. Especially since I buy both of them and Nintendo every time they come out with new consoles. But, PS4 was way better than Xbox 1…and PS5 is more the same. So, if a game wants to truly know its potential, it needs to come out on the PS5. But, I will get it for the Xbox Series X.

  18. Your right man, we also don’t deserve to be talked down to like this. Just another publication sponsored by Microsoft trying to tell me I have to submit to Microsoft and their stranglehold on everything computers. There’s a reason most people buy a gaming PC and a PlayStation. They both work well for different reasons. But I wont bow down to Microsoft. Kinda sucks because Starfield looks great. Guess I’ll go back to my dark elf then…

  19. Xbox is a joke of a platform. If it was on PS5 I would have picked it up there but my 3 yo gaming rig should run it just fine.

    As for “It shouldn’t be on PS5”, yeh it really should that’s where gaming is, it’s not on Xbox.

  20. As pc gamer it dont matter to me if a game releases on pc xbox or playstation or if it releases only on pc and xbox or pc and playstation because i play only on pc anyway! I play all action games. I also now run them all maxed 1440p 60 fps so it is not a problem. Mine monster pc is RYZEN 7 1700 16 GB DDR4 3200MHZCL15 RX 6700XT 12 GB RED DEVIL MP 600 2 TB WRITE:4950MB/S READ:4250MB/S DELLP2416D 24” 2560X1440 60 HZ IPS See me brutally killing all my enemies here Iam THE SHREDDER the leader of the Foot Ninjas the most powerful ninja organization in the world which is why i also have a monster pc.

  21. I’ve owned both consoles in 3very generation, there are pros and cons too both, I’m still reminded that Microsoft knowingly released the 360 with the expectation that it would fail, red ring of death sound familiar from the xbox original days? It should, POINT is Microsoft hasn’t actually worked within an ethos noted for distinction, yes I’m aware Sony has had a few issues too but not on the scale Microsoft has. A company that was split in two by legal action long before a console was released, I still own both I certainly know that reliability is much less of an issue for Playstation, so I have my doubts that Starfield being exclusive for Xbox is going to be a pinnacle for Bethesda whom as much as I am a fan of some titles are also known for buggy games crashing on either console so saying XBOX deserves it is a double edged sword…

  22. I would agree with this if Xbox made this game in-house, rather than buying out an entire publisher to take away the game from fans of Bethesda’s games, who prefer PlayStation.

    The arguments presented in this article are just rubbish. Xbox should open studios or invest in their partners like Sony do, not buy out everything they can.

    By buying out studios and franchises to force a competitor’s customers to buy its platform, Xbox isn’t creating new games and franchises, it’s only reducing options. It harms the industry and competition. Create your own franchises, invest money instead of spending it on fucking your competitor’s customers. Do something yourself, prove that your console is worth buying.

  23. “PlayStation 5 isn’t getting Starfield because Xbox deserves it more – deal with it.”
    This comment is laughable. Wonder what’ll happen if it turns out like cyberpunk 2077. Or Redfall.
    Microsoft deserves nothing because it ruins everything it touches, plain and simple. Plus Phil is such a liar. “It isn’t about taking games away from people” and then proceeds to do it. Atleast Sony doesn’t claim that bs when they acquire studios.
    But you are right about the exclusive thing. It also shows microsofts greed. Considering sonys been releasing games on the pc steadily.

  24. This is an L take. They don’t “deserve it”? Grow the up. I’ll be making sure to hide this site and it’s articles from polluting my feed in the future. Games are for everyone and exclusivity happens but to act like there’s a moral component due to one company not caring about exclusives is asinine.

    1. Agree. What an ignorant article. Sounds like a petulant child. Optimally games would be on every console. Not some petty squabble.

    2. Agreed. When any child can post their dumb opinion as if it was actual “writing” this is the crap we get daily now…

  25. I am with you.

    Okay some games Playstation did bring up on the PC but asking the full price, even the game was already more than 2 years available on PS. Detroit Became Human for example.

  26. Aah, shit take, clickbait title, you didn’t say that ps doesn’t deserve it you said that the Xbox needs a win. That a bad reason and an awful article

  27. Look at the butt hurt Xbox fanboy. Deal with it. Lol Microsoft is the king of proprietary bs. Sony has a distrust for them, cause all they do is lie.

  28. While I’m not one of the hilariously entitled fans demanding that Starfield come to PS exclusively, which really sounds like an Xbox fan made a troll petition and laughing as absolutely nobody believes that even the most delusional of fanboys would actually not only think this was an amazing idea, but had the chance to work and the petition would be the thing that made it happen.

    Like seriously, anybody buying this as an actual PS fan must be absolutely PUMPED that the Xbox is about to get a massive brand new Bethesda IP all to themselves. They’ve been starving for actual games while the company they continue to blindly give money to despite show an extreme lack of apathy in the games department since they decided to sit back at the end of the 360 era and watched the PS3 come back from an 8 million consoles sales deficit and in that generation’s final year, overtake it in sales and manage to get within just a little over 14 million consoles behind the Wii.

    The Xbox One era sucked. Believe me, I know. I’m one of the morons that had a launch, then the One X Project Scorpio when it launched. And was thoroughly disappointed with all but ONE of the hand full of exclusives that gen offered up. And of course, it was the exclusive that Microsoft gave up on when it didn’t light the sales charts on fire immediately upon release. Sunset Overdrive deserved better than the laughable marketing it got and the extreme lack of gamers playing it.

    So who cares if Xbox fans want to get dumb for once and parade around their game that Microsoft bought Zenimax for and canceled all versions except of course the Xbox and PC? They’ve for some reason stuck with a company that’s done jack all in terms of creating value for their consoles since about 2012 like some woman afraid to leave an abusive relationship for fear of the retaliation.

    They watched their company for 11 years absolutely refuse to do what any other platform does and work cohesively with other studios and build up a working relationship and commission titles that they have a hand in creating or listening to that studio’s pitch and funding their game for full exclusivity.

    They watched their company focus on nothing but Game Pass after touting their Series X as the most powerful console EVER with a standard… STANDARD… as in the absolute minimum that anybody will get with NO FIDELITY LOSS… STANDARD 60FPS, going all the way to the absolutely insane and thought to be impossible on console 120FPS… and then have most new games fail to even achieve that, but the absolute dumpster fires, heavily monetized on nearly every level, and all out blatant disrespect toward consumers in the forms of games like Halo Infinite hit that standard.

    They watched their company hold games back over the past year while they ramp up ‘inability’ to compete with the competition because of the big bad Sony owning ‘70% of the gaming market’, despite Microsoft conveniently omitting the other companies that operate in the market as well and attributing all of their shares in the market to Sony to inflate their number. This, coupled with the heavily planned and telegraphed drought that has been experienced in the wasteland that WAS in the starved Xbox fanbase the last few years (and of course the bribes we sometimes get to hear about when MS gets careless and gets caught), get nearly the entire world on their side because they were the underdogs, the little engine that could, the poor console that couldn’t compete despite Microsoft owning more game studios than their competition in both Sony and Nintendo at the time of their announcement of looking to purchase Activision and the 15 game studios and the hundreds of billions of dollars of third party sales figures that the whole gaming market gets to partake in… and the majority of regulators around the world don’t bat an eye at the prospect of a corporation having two giant acquisitions that results in what is probably close to a trillion dollars in third party best selling franchises sales figures OFF the gaming market and keep it for themselves. Sure, one little island had the balls to say no, but that little island forgot their Prime Minister is for corporations first, the consumer never, so that little island will reverse its decision and only require some suspiciously weak concessions in order to approve. Oh, and the US will be forced to approve because LOL the FTC’s Khan doesn’t realize many US politicians are owned by Microsoft and she is more than likely on borrowed time or in line for a serious demotion once Microsoft closes ABK.

    Let the Xbox fans do all this stuff because if anybody deserves it, and I’m saying this absolutely seriously, it’s those crazy bastards. Because I used to be one of them. I refuse to give Microsoft any more of my hard earned money in any form, which is a decision that goes far beyond Xbox and more as an entire company thing. I will literally either get Macs or install a different OS on any new computer I buy, buy an iPhone because of the forced Microsoft integration on androids with OneDrive, and do more research into products so I don’t accidentally get something they’ve disguised and put out in the wild as ‘not Microsoft’. That is my personal decision, one that I’d encourage anybody to actually look into Microsoft as a whole and see just how far back their shade goes and follow their money trails to absolutely engaging conclusions.

    The fans that have a Series X now are more than likely what I was. Somebody that was there from the beginning. They got to experience a time when the Xbox actually provided a different experience and style compared to Playstation. Both consoles had their own feel to their full exclusives, which gave them their identities. To live through the absolute wild fire of a run that the Xbox 360 had and be on top of the world was awesome, especially when Sony fumbled hard with the PS3 design and launch and absolute failure of a first few years. It was bad for Playstation. And Xbox 360 thrived.

    And then Microsoft stopped caring. Exclusives started becoming less frequent after many Xbox franchises were milked dry and they kept canceling new IPs they had announced that got Xbox gamers excited.

    Xbox gamers watched the company that they lifted up, defended, supported, and had absolute faith in sit down and simply forget that games were part of the business. They watched the PS3 climb what was the equivalent of Mt. Everest in terms of sales behind Xbox and not only catch up, but overtake the Xbox 360. And they watched Microsoft do nothing.

    They watched Microsoft repeat history and make THE SAME EXACT KIND of hubris and arrogant play that Sony did with the Playstation 3 with the Xbox One and then completely flub the launch. But then they watched Microsoft continue to milk franchises that were already concluded and not even made by their creators anymore and introduce games that simply don’t live up to the originals.

    If anybody deserves anything in this whole situation that ultimately benefits Microsoft’s latest attempt at a monopoly (it’s honestly debatable if they’ll be stopped like they have been a few times in the past), it’s the Xbox gamers that have been there since the OG and are the ones still there today.

    I’m actually glad that those gamers get a game that the majority of the Xbox gamers will play and enjoy and be able to discuss. That’s something they haven’t gotten since the 360, I’d argue. Like I said, the only game I really liked exclusive wise off the Xbox One was Sunset Overdrive. But the last game to more than likely share the kind of importance and spread as Starfield is likely to have on the current Xbox fan base and the for sure future Series X owners was more than likely Halo 3 on the 360. I’d throw Reach in because I loved that game and it was one last love letter to Halo from Bungie, but I’ll stick with the safe pick of Halo 3.

    And Xbox gamers have a hopeful future for once. I’m happy for them.

    Does that make me happy with how Microsoft finally achieved this massive appeasing of the people that have stubbornly stayed an Xbox gamer despite Microsoft’s attempts at losing them forever? Of course not. This amount of acquisitions and money taken off the shared global gaming market will have some pretty severe effects on all of us, including Xbox gamers, as we go into the next gen of consoles in 5 or so years.

    But until then, they’ll be spoiled with many Day 1 exclusive releases that will suspiciously omit COD after the 2024 title is the sole Day 1 release on Game Pass. So let them enjoy it the games they actually get to have because there’s only a very few titles left coming out that were actually multiplatform and had those versions canceled and scrapped. After next year is done, that’ll be done to only Elder Scrolls 6 as the one title announced for multiple platforms, but that one won’t sting as much as the game didn’t start development until after Starfield launched.

    Sorry for this massive comment that many of you are probably annoyed at and will have responded with a scathing 3-5 word opinion with a 65% chance of no punctuation that lets me know both I’m an idiot and you read absolutely none of that.

    So… TLDR As someone that was there from launch the first three Xbox generations but refuses to partake now, I’m happy for JUST the Xbox gamers for getting some damn good games coming their way for once. The rest simply doesn’t matter to them at this point in time, nor should it really. They’re allowed that much for still being firmly for Xbox entering this generation.

  29. Starfield looks like another boring Bethesda game anyway, it’s going to be over-bloated and people will be tired of it after exploring their 20th “randomized” planet. Xbox can keep Starfield.

  30. It should be noted that Zenimax / Bethesda shared titles on PS5 after the merger. Redfall I know sucks, but Deathloop didn’t. Nor did Ghostwire Tokyo.

    Even if they say it’s not timed exclusive now – look at how many devices run Skyrim. MS is only closing the door on Sony now because of their response to the Activision merger. IF Sony wouldn’t have just bs their arguments they could easily convince MS to bring Starfield over to PS5. And if not; who can blame them, especially with the way Sony is aggressive and stingy with their first party line ups and how they constantly buy console exclusiveness with SE and other publishers.

  31. Excusing a policy that should have died in the 80’s and saying some gamers ‘deserve’ to not have a game released on their PC hardware of choice is pretty ridiculous.

    Consoles as a concept are kind of ridiculous in this day and age. Primitive interfaces, primitive business model for ‘exclusive’ software releases, hardware that’s obsolete as soon as it leaves the factory. Ugh.

    I’ll get this in PC (where open world RPG’s belong anyway) and not think one bit about how much glory Xbox deserves because Halo ranked or whatever. Silliness.

  32. Are we back in 2005? Exclusives won’t benefit anyone except the console manufacturers, not a single consumer actually wants 50% of the market to not have acces to a game, I figured this was common knowledge, terrible article.

  33. Exclusives suck, period.

    Let the consoles battle out who makes the best console, but leave the games out of it. I despise that I spent all the money to finally upgrade to PS5 the week before Starfield was announced as exclusive. And am I the only one that hates the XBox UI as a solo, non-social gamer? It’s like Time’s Square, and not in a good way.

  34. Yea, I disageee that the Playstation “doesnt deserve” to sell the game on their platform…just a very odd assertion, but hey, if the game is good enough to be a system seller then Ill be in the market for an XBOX. Console war crap doesnt interest me. I hope its great, Bethesda needs a win to remind them of what its like to put the games first.

  35. After a long time xbox has got an exclusive…we got n number of it in PS5 world…remember spiderman 2 is coming….so much hype for starfield hope it doesn’t end up as a dud

  36. This has got to be one of the most immature takes I’ve read in a gaming article, this is something you expect to see on Twitter with console wars. Embarrassing tbh

  37. “PlayStation isn’t getting Starfield because Xbox deserves it more.”

    LOL man gamers are the most proudly immature people on the planet. Starfield isn’t on PlayStation because daddy Warbucks bought Bethesda, end of. Their first party support has been bunk for a long time. Why would they put their next big thing on the competition’s platform? Has nothing to do with wbo “deserves” it more. A whole article for this? Be serious.

  38. Really bad take, games should be for everyone and not a single platform – this includes the various exclusives and timed exclusives that get realised on PlayStation.

    If you took a second to look at the petition you would of seen its pretty much all signed by Xbox users wanting to post a comment – it’s a troll petition in other words with no merit and no evidence its from a PlayStation or Nintendo fan.

  39. So, your argument for PlayStation not deserving Starfield is “Playstation already released great exclusive games, now Xbox deserve this too because… they haven’t released anything good lately.” Do you realise how stupid you sound? This is the single most idiotic, selfish and pathetic thing I have ever read.

  40. There’s always a PC if you want to play Starfield. If you don’t have one, there’s always No Man’s Sky.

  41. Best for everyone if games are shared (PC,Playstation, XBox). Period. Both companies should realize this. It encourages software development, in my opinion.

  42. Maybe if microsoft actually put love into their games like playstation they would do better instead of buying top tier companies and making them exclusive because they couldnt sell their own POS console

  43. What a dumb article tbh “doesn’t deserve” what that even suppose to mean? Since when does it matter what console “glows” more it’s about everyone just being able to play all games and have fun but then these pop up? So what we suppose to miss out just cause a company wants more money? ._. Sure buy me a Xbox and I’ll buy the game then I’m not gonna struggle to buy a expensive console AGAIN just for a single damn game I hate exclusives both ways ofc but owning the console it’s not coming to make it worse for the owner of the console so it’s not biased it’s just common sense of wanting to play the game.

  44. Agree that its fine for Starfield to be exclusive. Competition is good for the industry after all. The click-bait childish “PS doesn’t deserve it” take however is awful commentary. 85% per cent of the article has a fair assessment only to be ruined for by a couple of frankly embarrassing comments

  45. Good chance all those will come to other consoles when they realize people rarely cross platforms these days. It’s too expensive… why own a game developer then pigeon hole urself you ONE 3rd of ur possible customers. This constant “exclusive” games can’t continue if the price of the console and add one keep going up.
    Many have a pc for work and such, but not gamer friendly so it really comes down to the consoles and if they want their game creators to make money or not…

  46. I do think everyone deserves it cause I don’t think nobody should be left with a choice to buy the thing it’s on or be left out. I might have to buy an Xbox or PC. At first I heard that Starfield was coming to Ps5 and then Phill Spencer snatched it from our hopes and dreams. Which I think is pretty wrong.

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