Geoff Keighley Speaks About Summer Game Fest’s Lack of Diversity

geoff keighley

There was a clear negative takeaway from the Summer Game Fest that was held a couple of weeks ago, and that was the fact that the entire showcase was male-dominated. There were no female developers, publishers, actors, or presenters on the stage during the entire event, which was something that rankled with a portion of the community that tuned into the event.

It has taken a fair few days, but Geoff Keighley – the creator and core presenter of the showcase – has made an appearance on a radio show and set the record straight, offering his two cents regarding Summer Game Fest’s lack of diversity.

‘We Do a Pretty Good Job’

In an appearance that took the form of an interview with CBC – a Canadian news network – Keighley broached the topic of diversity during the Summer Game Fest. He pointed out that there was an expected appearance from Melanie Liburd, who stars in Alan Wake 2, but a scheduling conflict meant that Liburd couldn’t follow through on the plans.

Keighley ultimately defended the show in his statement, which has been obtained through

I think generally we do a pretty good job with diversity in our shows. That was something that’s a fair flag. We also want to be authentic to the games that are being presented on the show and the developers that are making them. So yeah, I think we’re conscious of it.

Online, there was a mixed reception to the lack of diversity during the showcase that reveals the ‘next generation’ of games emerging in the near future. For some, it wasn’t even a talking point, for others, it was a blatant indicator of the struggles that women still face in ‘gaining legitimacy’ in the gaming industry.

There were some users in social media circles that lashed out against the ‘uproar’, stating that women shouldn’t be wedged into the showcase simply to tick a box – they should have ‘a point in being there.’

What do you think? Did the lack of female representation during the Summer Game Fest showcase leave a sore spot with you?

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