New Tarkov Feature Makes It Easy To Identify Cheaters

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Escape from Tarkov underwent a huge update last week, along with a ‘wipe’ that resets the game on a global scale. It has proven to be a massive hit with fans the world over, with Battlestate Games having tweaked recoil, weather, loot dynamics, customisation, and pushing live the new session-based multiplayer game, Escape from Tarkov Arena.

One monumental evolution that has occurred in Escape from Tarkov has seen the addition of viewable player profiles to the game. They showcase the newly added string of achievements, but users can also see the loadout and stats for any player in the game – and that’s making it extremely easy to identify cheaters.

Oh, You Have a 78.2 KD?

In Escape from Tarkov, players can now bring up anyone’s detailed profile at the click of a button – this was never previously possible.

It’s a simple solution to finding out everything you need to know about a player, from the number of raids they’ve completed to their success rate and current loadout. It also shows the player’s kill-to-death ratio, amongst many other things. This is one of the most fundamental indicators of someone’s status as a cheater. If they’ve completed a mere 30 raids but have a KD of 80 and a raid success rate of 90%, then you could make the safest bet possible against them being a cheater.

tarkov cheaters feature
Wow, a K/D of 66.8 in 41 raids with 334 kills? This guy has the best gaming chair ever.

There are players out there with staggering levels of skill in Escape from Tarkov, but nobody is that good. From there, it’s a simple step to report the profile and notify Battlestate Games that it could be a cheater that you’ve found in the game.

Historically, Battlestate Games has been tough on cheaters, pushing out sizeable ban waves that rip thousands of hackers from the game – but it never seems like enough, and the issue persists regardless.

It’s one of the biggest blockers to Tarkov’s success among the masses.

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  1. A lot of that stuff is data that they could query and have an immediate alert for internal review of a profile and yet they don’t do it. They crowdsource it out

  2. It’s great being able to see Tarkov players’ stats, but it would help immensely if BSG seperated Scav kills from PMC kills in the overall KD. Early wipe a low level who has played for several wipes or more, and knows the mechanics, can rack up a significantly high KD first starting out if they are on low pop servers smoking the AI left and right. It is for sure progress, and the game is definitely heading in a better direction than it was.

  3. As a note, tarkov’s stats lump PvP and PvE kills together, getting absolute *shit loads* of Scav kills is not out of the question, especially if you’re purposefully going after scavs. A good chunk of the player base probably has pretty similar K/D stats in that regard, especially with an average raid time of around 25 minutes.

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