Xbox Achievement Overhaul Coming This Year, Rumour Suggests

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It has been claimed that the long-awaited rework to the Xbox Achievement system is on the horizon and potentially dawning in 2024. In September, we reported on claims that the beloved reward system would be getting a mass overhaul, with elements like ‘Platinum’ achievements being introduced in the future – but until now, no date for those changes has been mentioned.

That was until recently, when during an episode of the XboxEra Podcast, ‘Shpeshal Nick’ commented on the impending update which suggested that the changes could be coming this year.

Achievement Unlocked: System Overhauled

For the longest time, the Xbox Achievement system has remained relatively unchanged. It has existed for almost two decades, and for the most part, Xbox has adopted an ‘if-it-ain’t-broke’ approach to the system. However, there are epic (rumoured) changes on the horizon, and according to Shpeshal Nick, it might not be long before we get a look at how the new system might work:

What I’m hearing is that Xbox are nearly done with their achievement overhaul, with changes to achievements, and we should be seeing it next year. When they say next year I’m assuming they’re aware of the fact that it’s New Years Eve, so I guess they mean 2024. But we should be, at the very least, being shown it, because you know how they sometimes put stuff in beta and then it goes through different rings.

It’s an important part of Microsoft’s roadmap, apparently. There are several things that Xbox players are calling for, such as a Diamond or Platinum achievement for 100% completion, an achievement showcase on player profiles, a better tracking system for in-progress achievements, and a process to report failing or bugged achievements.

Let’s hope we see something soon.

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