Battlestate’s Developers Have Revealed What’s Next For Tarkov

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In a recent Tarkov TV stream, Nikita Buyanov, the Head of Studio at Battlestate Games, spoke at length about what’s coming next for Escape from Tarkov and Tarkov Arena. He was joined by a series of developers who spoke about their respective areas, detailing the updates and changes that are planned for both the extraction shooter and the session-based multiplayer game in the Tarkov ecosystem.

Tarkov in 2024

In a discussion lasting a few hours, Battlestate Games’ developers spoke about the future of Escape from Tarkov, revealing what the plans are to evolve both games in the next few months.

Here’s a summary of what was revealed.

Tarkov Arena

  • Fully redesigned matchmaking system
  • Redesigned Ranked Play system
  • Four new maps
  • Three new modes
  • More presents
  • Better balancing

It was also stressed that anyone logging in before January 5 will receive a bonus payment of 1.5 million roubles in-game and that in Q1 of 2024, users will be able to link their Tarkov Arena profiles to their Escape from Tarkov profiles. It’s not yet known what this crossover will produce in terms of benefits.

Nikita’s team also highlighted that Tarkov Arena will ‘wipe’ just like the core game.

Escape from Tarkov

Battlestate Games’ extraction shooter experience is also getting a few key changes and updates in the next few months. This includes the introduction of seasons (weather-based) following the recent inclusion of snow across the Tarkov environment. It also includes a change to Ground Zero, the new map that was designed as a starter experience with a level cap. It will now be opened up with two queues – one for players under LL15 and another for players over LL15.

There’s also a desire to rework the entire game’s visuals and recreate much of the vegetation found across Tarkov’s wide, open maps.

Finally, Nikita explained that eventually, Battlestate will ‘close the game cycle’, introducing a proper endgame scenario and allowing users to – finally – escape from Tarkov. It isn’t fully understood yet how that will work.

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