Modders Are Trying to Preserve The Day Before

the day before

It’s an act of generosity that’ll ensure future generations can play the travesty that is The Day Before – that can be the only explanation here. Recently, it was revealed on Twitter that modders are trying to secure an offline version of The Day Before, the abysmal open-world survival game that was released mere weeks ago and ultimately brought about a swift closure of the studio that made it.

If It’s Free, Perhaps

As one of the most bizarre games to be released in recent years, The Day Before was a sham from start to finish. Following a few years of development that were plagued with controversies, legal cases, and a lack of transparency, The Day Before was released globally and bought by hundreds of thousands of people. It was promptly refunded by half of that crowd, and then days later, the game’s developer, Fntastic, revealed it would be shutting down and ceasing operations.

Now, a team of modders is reportedly working on a way to create an offline crack for The Day Before. In January, the servers for the game will be going offline forever, which means that nobody – even those who purchased it – will be able to play it ever again.

If these modders have their way, they’ll ultimately preserve one of the most laughable, catastrophic pieces of gaming history. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot if it’s free.

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