The Finals’ Innocent Players Are Being Banned By Mistake

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In an attempt to combat the slew of cheaters permeating the fabric of The Finals, developer Embark Studios has rolled out a ban wave to tackle the malicious operators. Unfortunately, innocent and legitimate players have been caught up in that wave, and hundreds of gamers have taken to social media to stress that they’ve been banned for no reason.

This includes streamers as well as the average player, all of whom have been impacted by what appears to be an indiscriminate or – at the very least – a poorly-tuned automatic ban algorithm.

But Don’t Panic

The Finals was shadow-dropped less than a month ago, and it has already enjoyed a prestigious rise to fame. It pulled in ten million players in just two weeks, putting it on par with some of the heaviest hitters in the genre. As a fast-paced, high-octane, and destructive shooter, The Finals is bursting at the seams with adrenaline-fuelled opportunities to lay the smackdown on a range of maps with some intriguing characters and abilities.

But it is struggling with a hacker-packed pandemic.

Embark Studios recently pushed out an epic ban wave that took down countless cheaters but also kicked regular, legitimate players offline. It wasn’t long before complaints started surfacing on social media platforms, but it wasn’t all bad news. It has already been reported that some of these erroneous bans have been reversed, which is a clear indication of Embark Studios’ intention to right its wrongs.

It’s safe to imagine that, with this being the first ban wave, some tweaks will need to be made to whatever automated system operates the ban hammer.

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