More Xbox Games Are Coming to PlayStation, It’s Claimed

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Windows Central’s Jez Corden has claimed that more Xbox first-party titles are currently in development for PlayStation.

According to a new report by Jez Corden, more upcoming Microsoft-owned games (Xbox first-party games) are in development for PlayStation under the codename “Latitude.” While Corden doesn’t go into detail on what exactly these games are, it was said that “they’re potentially obvious games you’d most likely expect.”

The report states that the new change in strategy revolves around Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood’s mandate to increase every department’s margins and that the company is taking a “no red line” approach to what games could make the change.

One game Corden mentions as a possibility is Halo. While it’s not an official report on the series jumping to PlayStation, he mentions that it would make sense after the success of Sea of Thieves of the platform.

In February 2024, Xbox released a ‘Business Update’ to clarify its strategy change, which included releasing four of its games on rival platforms. Those releases have been a tremendous success, and with the current generation of Xbox hardware trailing far behind the competition, it’s not difficult to see why Xbox wants to tap into these audiences.

At the moment, Microsoft is still planning to release new Xbox hardware. A new white Xbox Series X console has been leaked while the company is working on it’s next-gen Xbox system as well as a possible handheld.

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    1. You have this entirely backwards.

      XBox leadership has already stated the console “war” was over last generation, and Sony won. Last generation a significant percentage of gamers became tied to their digital video game collections that can’t be moved. By outselling the XBox One, Sony guaranteed itself a built in lead this generation. The only thing Sony’s done this generation is increase that lead.

      As of June 2023, only 20% of PS5 owners had an XBox, while nearly 50% owned a Switch. Very few ganers are going to purchase a third system, and Microsoft knows it. By keeping games like Halo exclusive, all Microsoft would be doing is costing themselves $$. Game Pass isn’t growing. It’s likely reached a saturation point.

      There are only two realistic ways for XBox to improve their profit margins, sell more games or layoff more people. Keeping games exclusive guarantees Microsoft leadership would demand more layoffs and studio closures.

      1. “XBox leadership has already stated the console “war” was over last generation, and Sony won”

        How do you want support Xbox studios without Xbox? This is just not possible. On Xbox consoles MS have 30% margin on every sold game, on every microtransaction. On Xbox MS have money from all game published on this platform. It can’t be replaced by small amount of money from Playstation sales.

        If more games will be released on Playstation then less people will buy Xbox consoles and more game studios will close

        1. It’s clear you’re just a delusional fanboy the reason they’re doing this is to save money it costs money to manufacture a console that doesn’t sell the games are selling better on other platforms and Microsoft wants to be a software company not a hardware company.

    2. Xbox is worthless and no more studios would be in a better place having more platforms to put their games on day 1. Xbox doesn’t need to exist anymore better management needs to come in to take the Microsoft gaming division to the next level I thought Activision would be that but apparently not.

  1. There is no point to have an Xbox. Just make all games multiplatform and focus on developing XCloud and getting Game Pass on more platforms like PlayStation. Honestly they should try buying EA and Take2 primarily for the annual sports titles that’s the biggest reason to buy into Game Pass is those titles launching in Game Pass and Game Pass being available everywhere.

    1. “There is no point to have an Xbox”

      Without Xbox you can’t support Xbox game studios. If you want “close Xbox” then you need close 80% of Xbox studios. Just look what happened when Xbox hardware sales drop by 30%… few weeks later MS closed 4 Bethesda studios. This is business. Xbox generate money. Without those money you need close studios like ours

      1. Microsoft Gaming would be fine the Xbox is the problem they could continue to make games third party they never wanted to be a physical manufacturer anyway. They don’t need Xbox people can download and play their games on other devices why continue making a device that is always in the red?

  2. Satya? said ages ago that they want to be the next Disney. They are hoarding IP and can get any studio to make a game using it. Not that I have any money for M$ though.

    1. They need to buy EA, Take2, and Ubisoft then unlike Disney Microsoft has the money and can keep going.

    2. If they want to justify Game Pass price increases and get the subs to go up then yes they need to do that buy all the big western publishers.

  3. Actually this strategy is similar to what we see happening at PlayStation. They’ve announced they will start releasing games across PS5 and PC day and date. Square Enix just announced that they’re done with console exclusives that “the exclusive strategy just doesn’t work anymore” this in NOT solely a Xbox issue, it’s an industry wide issue. Game sales are being neutered by being exclusive to consoles. Microsofts approach is actually pretty brilliant, keep certain games exclusive for X amount of time then relaunch them across multiple platforms. In this way they get to have their cake & eat it too. Gamepass is stagnant at the moment but I can almost guarantee once Call of Duty is brought to the service, people will absolutely subscribe to the service.

    I had actually given up on Xbox after the Xbox One debacle HOWEVER once I started seeing games I wanted to play release on gamepass I subscribed to gamepass so I could play those games. After about 6 months of playing Xbox games via cloud I decided to get my wife and I each our own Xbox Series S. This was the best gaming decision I’ve made since owning a PS360 back in the day. Not only did we have our PS5 for the PlayStation exclusives but we had our Series S for gamepass and everything else. Then I realized that everything I’d ever bought on Xbox 360 & Xbox One was in my library which brought me so much joy to play games like GTA 4 that simply aren’t available on my PS5 due to lack of backwards compatibility.

    Long story short, Xbox has invested heavily into gaming. With more than 30 million Series X|S consoles sold, over 50 million Xbox One consoles sold and over 35 million gamepass subscribers Xbox is NOT doing ‘bad’. After investing $70 billion into acquiring ABK Xbox is poised to continue growing once they’re able to push those games into the service.

    To be honest I’m so sick of the anti Xbox rhetoric in the gaming media. It’s become almost like fun for everyone to call for the death of Xbox as if Sony’s capitalism lay offs are somehow less bad lol I can guarantee if Xbox dies it would absolutely hurt the high end console market as Sony would be the controlling the market making moves that are devastating to gamers. Demanding $100/game or selling games in pieces, $70 to play part 1 $70 to play part 2 and $70 to play part 3. (These are based on leaks discovered during the ABK trials).

    Long Live Xbox & PlayStation!
    Happy gaming ✌️

    1. The world is hurt due to employees wanting more benefits and higher pay, activism, and the Russia/Ukraine war locking away business from other countries not to mention price of basic things going up also thanks to activism against certain countries and buying fossil fuels. Now with sanctions on Chinese parts it’s worse. The industry would have been fine if it wasn’t for the activists and DEI investors.

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